Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amazing map of Google and Facebook made by Oxford Institute

(image source Internet Graphics)
Oxford Internet Institute researchers Mark Graham and Stefano De Stabbata made a map it is showing which website is the most visited website in the world in all countries; it was made from Internet access population
The Map analysis:
Which website is the most popular: the Internet giant Google or Face Book?
Our great search engine Giant Google is the king in United States, Australia and many countries in Europe and South East Asian countries.
Face book is the most visited in North Africa, Mexico, some parts in South America and some parts of the Middle East. Above map shows this information
Baidu: it is the most visited website in China, it is common because in China many websites are banned or running in strict policies. So Baidu is the King in China.
Yahoo: it is king in Japan
Yandex:   the most visited website in Russia.
They said, we are likely still in the very beginning of the Age of Internet Empires
Data Source: in the map the data source is freely available data from Alexa on 12th August-2013, Alexa.com provided data since 1996. It is collected over 25,000 different web browsers.
In the map the colours are belonging different websites.
Red is Google, Blue is Face book, Green Baidu, and other colours related other websites. The superiority of Google and Face book over other sites on the web is clearly showed in the map. Baidu is next of Google and face book in the Chain, because China has the world’s largest Internet population in the world and the first place internet access in the world. So Baidu is the next place of Google and Face Book, and wonder thing Baidu is also most visited website in South Korea.
The power of Google on the internet becomes strongly evident; it is at the 2nd place in most visited website in every country. In the 50 countries face book listed as the most visited website, in the 50 36 of them have Google as the 2nd place, and the remaining 14 countries YOUTUBE is in the list ( it is Google’s property).
Half of the entire world internet population Google is the most visited website, with more than one billion people. Only 280 million users are the most visited website is Face book.
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