Friday, October 11, 2013

Your Heart is kept in Smart

Right now many people having iphones, they don’t know meaning of iphone, in this I means me. So you have iphone but your health is in iphone do you know it. Yes your health is kept in i-phones now. How can possible it?
Now millions of apps are crushed the mind, like appsTsunami. In these apps some of the wonder apps are used and control our body totally. Our heart is the key role in the body. Based on this many apps are created. I give some wonder apps to good for heart.
We see some people are looking very good health, suddenly they hit by heart attack, some are cured and some are died for heart attack. If you want you get rid of heart attack, you are joined in heart healthy online web service, it gives the best service to heart attack suffered people.
You want inspiration you are joined FitoCarcy web service, it is like fitness social networking site. It gives inspiration to exercises, advices, and tricks to maintain your health to become healthily. You want runner to kept good health you download in your mobile Run Keeper app. It is run by GPS. It tracks your running and walking. You know what is the speed of your walking, running, and how many kilometres are you running and walking with this app. You want know and heard your heart beat you made your mobile a stethoscope, you set Instant Heart Rate app, you run this app and touch phone camera with your finger then pulls rate is recorded. You know your daily pulse rate and saved this for future.
You are taking food heavily it is a habit you are compulsory has MyFitnesPal app in your smart phone. You take food heavily it is danger to your heart, above app is calorie counter, you are recorded your food (how much you eat) it gives how much calories food you eat. It is good for your health and heart. At that time you have living happily without medicines and medical insurance policies

In the technology world many changes are takes place, day by day many apps are come into force so any app come you find it in our friend Google Play store. So you find more health apps in our Google play store visited this Google Play Store . In my next post I will explained more health apps.
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