Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Face Book new Update Graph Search in “Dancing with the Stars”

  World biggest social network site Face book gives a new update to its user’s worldwide.
 That is graph search. What is graph search? Graph Search helps people to explore face book in a different way. Graph search results are different for everyone; totally it is based on what you have shared with your friends and groups. Your privacy choices determine what your friends see when they search.
Face book told some tips, those are you can control who sees your profile info on your about tab, that means you have totally controlled your profile and chose who are sees your profile like friends, groups, and public.
 You have a chance to review photos and videos what you shared/tagged in your account. And review your posts with location tags on your activity log.
How does Graph Search work? Its results are personalized, just like news feed is unique to you. For example, if you search for some photos of America, any of your friends searched same America photos and shared with you, you will see all photos of America and your friends seeing photos.
 Who can see and find your activities in your account. It is purely your personal settings. You set to: only me, friends, and public totally control on your hand.
If you want see dancing with the stars then in graph search you typed who can see the search word are displayed. Now it is available with only some groups only. Next it will work is good, it is expanding all users. Graph search is now available for English (US) audiences.  Remember that you can always review stuff you have shared on your account in face book, you have a option, you can changed the audience for your own content, and ask others to removed photos or other stuff in your account.  
Finally Graph search is what you are sharing is searchable to all your friends in your account.

Sharing is caring, because you share and find bad stuff then some of your friends don’t want and hate that type of content then they UN-friend you. Because you have different friends so this is a big step in Face book. So sharing and searching is caring of you.
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