Sunday, January 12, 2014

Octopus and Blueberries on Mars

Space is a unsolved sum to the scientists.

Regularly I saw Google earth, now in the earth some new features are added i.e. Google Moon, Google Sky, Google Mars. Today I saw Mars, I spotted and shaking what is this and amazing things I saw on Mars, in that I take a screen shot, it is like Octopus, it is formed billions of years ago.

We don’t know what is going in space and other planets, but NASA has clarified some of our doubts, it is always to know what is going in space, other planets and Universe. In the way it launched many satellites, rovers and rackets, NASA is always to see the earth safeness, many hazards are in the space. But we have no problem NASA is watched the Universe, so we are happy.

In America a space museum opening, in the exhibition an image people see and stunning what is this I think it is created, a rock contain blueberries (blueberries are grown in North America) the mars rover opportunity found this cluster, it shot the image, after analyzed scientists those are in the shape of blueberries, then people eagerly see the images and spread in net. If that type of pictures is taken any rover it is spread all over the world, we know NASA released Hand of God image yesterday, it is created great sensation. As same as right now the blueberries on mars image is also a hot topic around the world.

Any how people looks always new things and topics, space gives many suspense stories like above matters. If anything takes place in space or other planet NASA told to world something is going on in space, so no problem.