Monday, January 6, 2014

Robots Competition in Space

 Robots competition begin in the year of 2013 it is going on, European Space Agency plans to send robot into space and tested it how it works. The robots competition is now going rapidly last year Google also buy a robot manufacturing company, every one think how Google buy it, last year in the August Japan send a Humanoid robot Kirobo it has a special and unique ability to self learning, it is also worked in international space station, it also speak to co-astronauts, it is amazing thing and unbelievable.

 European Space Agency also wants to make a robot and send into space name is ABIGAILE-3. ESA is worked with the Canadian robot experts; size of Abigaile is very small. Why countries want to send robots into space? If a man want to gone into space it is very difficult he has strength and able to living space. He/she under gone training, it is more cost than robots. Already robots are tested how to work in space, the best example is Kirobo.

 In future scientists send only robots into space, because we knew, we last great space scientists and astronauts, if any loss occurred we have no loss of astronauts. I think developing country India also send satellite into Mars orbit, yesterday India send GSLV D-5 now India joined the club of cryogenic countries, in the list only America, Russia, France, Japan, and China, yesterday India also include in the list. In the world right now only 6 countries have the ability to manufacturing Cryogenic products.

India also wants to send robots in near future, it takes huge competition in space, what is the ideas of the countries why they commentate in space, no one can’t know.