Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is it true? Trees are Learning, Thinking and Remembering?

Yes it is true; Science gives all answers to us, what is true and false. first we know the famous Indian Scientist sir Jagadish Chandra Bose experiments with trees, the first scientist discovered trees have feelings ( Feel Pain, understand Affection etc), it gives Nobel Prize to him. After his invention many scientists are working on trees to discovered new things.

You saw lord of the rings movie in the picture, trees are thinking and talked to people and other trees, in old Indian movies also we see trees are thinking, talking and walking. Now scientists are based on the above take experiments on trees, finally trees are learn, think and remember. It is surprised new to us.

Group of scientists from the University of Western Australia trace Tropical fern plant Mimosa Pudica, its native place South America and Central America,  learn and remember from its surroundings with out brain as same as animals. We know some animal’s behavior is like a man, I read a news Elephant suffered from Diabetics, its leg turns gangrene, doctors give treatment to it, I surprised what is it, so some animals and trees feels like as man.
We know Mimosa Pudica is touch me not plant, and it is closed in darkness and opened in light. If we touch the leaves of it then it will fold inner side, if rain drops are touched it shows same, it reopened after some time, what amazing thing it is.

Recently scientists invented send messages through (chemical signals) plants; it is based on the research of Professor Richard Karban, he is working on plants talked by sending Chemical messages through the air. Now scientists based on above inventions, they found plants are learning and remember which actions takes place in nature and on them. Some trees eat animals and humans those types of trees are living in deep forests, called man-eater trees, we see these funny things in movies like Harry Potter, lord of the rings and many Holly Wood movies.

Now scientists are proved plants have life they are learning, thinking, talking and transfer information one another with our brain, friends thinking trees are no brain they helped to us no words are described the help of the trees to people and earth, but we are foolishly cutting trees, it will caused no human life on the earth in near future. Don’t cut trees rapidly.