Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worldwide internet is stopped in 2014?

Yes it is truth, many experts in this field told, in this year or coming years Global Internet is disappear, it is shocking news to us, it will turns into own net works of nations, worldwide internet is going on but  limited access from foreign sources. Every country setup its own network, they do not depended up on other countries.

Many people lost their trust on the security of the internet in all services; we have no security of our accounts, passwords, personal information and other. It is very hard to maintain confidence on worldwide internet, experts told.

Technologists made many applications to give more security, mean while some of the worst people made anti applications, and enter in our accounts take personal information. In the security field I think only Google give the best security to us; recently my friend received a mail form Google, i.e.  Someone tried to open your account in Bangalore, if you are the person ignore this mail, if you are not that person immediately changed your password. He called me sir see what is this, then I told him sir changed your password immediately, unknown persons tried to open your account and he changed his password. At that time I feel what a security it is wonder only Google give more and more security to us.

Right now Smart Phones involved every one life, it gives access of internet is in high level, every people used mobiles, network providers attracts customers to give many discounts to access of internet, automatically net users are increased, many people access their accounts, like bank accounts, mail accounts, and purchased online, in India also internet population grown day by day.

Website companies see the situation and prepare many antivirus programs, to setup firewalls to their websites, increasing internet population it gives more possibility theft of information. Governments are observed the situation and feel this is caused we depended to other sources, so we setup our own networks to access internet. Anyhow near future we see many changes in internet access.

Friends I told one thing please changed your passwords weekly once, and then your accounts are safe.