Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Facebook launches a news paper “Paper”?

Social networking giant Face Book finally decided to launch a news paper, it is taught only, but it plans to launched in the next few days a news reading service, it is only used for face book in mobile devices. Because its plans to acquire mobile news market, it has more than one billion users, in that many users used mobile devices, last year it plans to reach every people in the world then it launched, main aim of it is to reach face book through mobile device all over the world.

We have already Google News, many internet users see the Google News, it is very popular, it gives all types of news 24x7 all over the Universe. There is no competition of Google News, now Mark Zuckerberg think how to reached people as same as Google News,  in the Face Book last year many features were added, but not hit the net, because people thinking Face book is only sharing site, so new features are not hit the people mind.

 (Image) Face Book product Chief Cox told about Face Book news feed design across Smart Phones, desktops, tablets, iPhones, and iPods.

Face Book Mobile device News paper name is “Paper” I think, and we download mobile paper app, I think it is available in Google Play Store after launching. Zucker Berg always thinking people don’t forget Face Book and not Thinking it is only sharing, updating, and posting, yes it is true there is no use of face book to people many people thinking in this way.
Soon we seen Face Book News Paper in our Smart Phones, it is a plan to acquire market of advertising, in mobile advertising, it is rapid platform to gain more profits to websites, it is easy to reached every people, then Face Book also enter in News Paper industry, it only web based mobile application only.

Any how we feel new experience on Face Book e-News Paper. (it is my Idea only)