Thursday, January 9, 2014

YouTube add new feature

Video website giant YouTube added a new feature, i.e. if you want send a mail or video you must visit your Google mail account and compose mail add attachment and send your mail to your circles or friends, now YouTube give if you want send or reply of your mails or any other or a video you send with your YouTube account, it is called How to find and Used Your YouTube Inbox.

 First you login into your YouTube account and go to video manager click on community then you see your “Inbox” and received messages click on send reply then you see compose menu. Here you want to attach your videos also. It is as same as Gmail message composes. It is very great help to us. We don’t opened Gmail account for YouTube messages, directly navigate in YouTube account. If you want to see video click on this, how to find and used your YouTube Inbox.

 Internet video world king YouTube users are more than 1 billion, everything what you want it is in YouTube. Many people search YouTube for breaking news videos, many news channels also opened their channels in YouTube. Every minute 74 hours videos uploaded in YouTube, there is no alternative of YouTube.