Friday, January 24, 2014

Google add new feature in Google search engine

It is time to find a website, right now common need to all people, why?  Each and everything we find in internet with only our Google search engine, billions of websites and pages, we find everything what we want in Google. Now Google is became people life and one organ of the life. Every time Google come with a new features. 

Now it added complete information of which website you want, you want to know about health, you typed in Google search, you see complete about health means, health cards, health kart, health tips, health insurance, health and glow, health care, you want beauty it show beauty tips, beauty parlor, beauty tips, about beauty, you want insurance it shows insurance policies, insurance institutions and other. What a beauty of search in the past it shows pages directly now it shows related information about your search.

You will see more about information if the site is popular in the field and it is widely recognized in online, and also the site used Google webmaster tools. Google extended knowledge graph for new search feature. Then we have not seen in search unnecessary information, search engine recognized your words, what you want and show quickly about your search.  Google want to feedback, if your feelings on new website feature, it provided feedback from users.  I think Google is the search engine king, we have many search engines but all over the world many users used only Google search engine. Thank you, happy searching experience from Google.