Friday, January 24, 2014

Bloggers take the opportunity

We are lived in internet world, in internet we see many websites, and these sites are in the form of .com/.net/.org and other, why all websites have these extensions. It is called domain extension.

Within a short period Google implemented domain extensions in blogging, all are opened blogs with a name of their own interest, in the net it is hard to indexed, billions of blogs, and web pages in the Google indexed it is difficult, many sites have domain extensions, in the net first top level domains are indexed and in search, those are appeared in first place.

Every one want top level domain extensions, it is hard, all people want .com extension, some of the domain selling sites researched how to give more and more domain extensions to website/blog owners, in net some companies give many top level domain extensions, really it is wonder, it give all types of domain extensions.

Now amazing domain extensions are available in domain selling websites. You know domains are in cheap in cost, nearly 2 dollars you spend on it, finished, olden days domain names are high in cost, rich people are only buy domains. Now technology is at your door step, then cost is decreased. Internet access people are also grown; it is occurred on Smart phone entered in the market.

Some of the experts told near future Google changed its policies in blogging section, I.e., every blog contain domain extension, it removed “BlogSpot” it is only taught, anyhow friends first you redirected your BlogSpot into domain extension like .com or other.

I give new domain extensions list: .kitchen, .graphics, .land, .luxury, .menu, .photography, .technology, .guru, .holdings, .blog, .shop, .online, .app, .web, .clothing, .camera, .Construction, .today,  .venture, .construction, .web, .site, .vegas, .online, .nyc, .lighting, .menu, and so on.

See above domain extensions, all verities are available, if you have Real Estate business you take- .land, app developer take, blog owner take, cloth business take -.cloth, hotel business, every field domains are available, all domain extensions are very popular, you used it in your business, office, intuitions, real estate, e-commerce, online business, health, design, luxury hotels and all other fields.

Friends take this golden opportunity and before Google implemented the policy of domain extension, put your sites a domain extension.You take it many benefits are taken in your hands; your site is indexed quickly, in searching first appeared, and many other benefits. Thank you.