Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Android launcher AVATE Purchased by Yahoo

Yahoo purchased another tech company android launcher AVATE , now the all applications came from Yahoo, in the CES-2014 Yahoo announced its new take over and it is introduced new android apps, now yahoo also want to ruled android world. Aviate has joined Yahoo.

 Aviate gives to you automatically weather and any meetings at the day, if you are in driving it gives automatically traffic and directions on the roads, it is likely Google maps, I think. If you are in Washington it shows famous and favorite photos, tips, and restaurants. It works faster, give better experience, the technology and product will remain the same just put new features and join with Yahoo technology. In it improve space updates, various bug fixes and more other features are including in it. Yahoo attracted more than 400 million monthly smart phone users.

 Any how to see the news a big competition start in the field of android application, already web giants Google and others are in the field now Yahoo put its step in this field. Last year it purchased Nokia, Yahoo thinks it used applications in its own products coming from its new company Nokia. Avate app is available in Google Play store.

 Day to day Android technology grown and interacted with people daily life many products coming with android applications like toothbrushes, newly Google put android in Cars also every people depended on their smart phone android apps, people daily life put in mobiles.