Friday, September 27, 2013

Your Health is in Your Hands

Health includes Science and Devotion 
We are spoil our nature with our doings automatically nature is damaged, it causes many diseases. Now ecosystem is totally changed, then your naturally resistance system is also changed. It is caused many diseases like allergy, cancer, diabetics, acidity and other diseases. I told a secret we have a power we recover that all diseases it is God’s gift (nature).
Totally your health is in your hands. People are different but their feelings are same, happiness, peacefulness, joyfulness, sadness and so on. Your inner feelings show outside through your hands, in joyfulness you show with shouted, you are in tension your hands are become strict, thinking time one finger see straightly to sky, begging time hands become a plate shape, people are different, but feelings are same. Symbols language is known as heart language, if a student asked teacher for go to drink water he raised his finger, see at any place all feeling symbols are same.
But how, your Health is in your Hands?
Our feelings show with hands these symbols are called Mudras (signet) in Yoga.
I told some mudras (signet):


Marudanda mudra:  Cured spinal card problems.


Brahamma Mudra:  Cured Blood Pressure problems.


 Chinumdra:  Gives energy from stomach to feet.


 Chinmaya Mudra:  Gives energy from throat to stomach.

 Aadi Mudra: Gives happy and peacefulness to mind.

 Gnana Mudra: increases memory and concentration.

Above signets are practiced daily 10-15 minutes you definitely become healthy person, you recovered illness. You practiced these mudras in a simple way, there is no hard work, you are doing at any place like walking, sitting, seeing movies time, TVs, at any where you practiced. There is no restrictions, only food habits are changed in the practiced time you don’t eat meat, don’t drink alcohol.
One of the famous researcher Gertrude Hirsch thinking oh! this simple signets are cured diseases , ok I will researched on it, then he start researched and practiced yoga mudras, at that time he suffered mental disorders, he joined a Yoga Master’s school and practiced, he become a master and wrote a book “Mudras-Yoga”. There is no doubt you become healthy person, and out of illness. This is not devotional way, only simple physical hand exercises.
Friends start practice Yoga Mudrs and become healthy persons.

                                                                                                                                               Thank you.