Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready to Travel into Future! How can?

Time Machine 

Future! This is a miracle word; everyone exited and feared about future. We don’t know what happened tomorrow. In the ancient days saints know what future is and what things happened in future through their third Eye. Now many scientists are working on it. But all are told there is possible to travel to future. They are successes only a few.

One of the famous Professor and Particle Physicist Brian Cox told in a meeting of British science festival. He describes time travel is 100% possible, depending upon Einstein’s theory of special relativity. If technology was developed that could transport large objects close to the speed of light, humans could travel is possible. As you approach to speed of light, your clock runs very slow you could come back many years in the future, it is totally Einstein’s theory of special relatively, that states to travel forward in time, an object would need to reach speeds close to the speed of light.

If possible to travel into future there is many miracles take place. A person travel future he knows what happened in his future if he died in one month/ week then he comeback and take a life insurance policy in millions. He decided I am died why people are living then he do some bad things.
He sees in future Power Boll lottery winning number, after he comeback immediately buy the winning number ticket. What a funny thing it is. He knows who the winner of any country president elections is; he joined in that winning party. He know all people future he became a famous astrologer, he know earth is ended in how many years.

Many movies comes in Hollywood that is only taught, not real but in future, taught are successes, any how some wonders are takes place in future. Because we are in technology world anything possible through technology and science.

Many funny and sad conditions takes place to travel into future, Brian Cox told, but God is great, he holds some natural things we don’t know what happened in nature. See sudden earthquake comes we can helpless, sudden Tsunami comes what can man we do, science is saved us, no, anyone can’t save us. Only God can save us. There is no doubt