Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brain Reader! New Gadget

Future technology

One taught means an action among neurons in brain. At that time some electric power is generated, it is called neural electric impulse. Based on impulses some waves are travelled this waves called brain waves. In the hospitals EEG scanning is depended upon these waves. Based on this Brain Reader is working.
Name of the brain reader is Emotive Incite Gadget; it seems like a head set, we wear it then it is reading brain weaves and receptive at censors decoding, easily we understand that decoding.


Inventor of the Brain Reader Gadget: Tan lee she is the winner of the “Young Australian of the Year” in 1998 and “Young Global leader” award from world economic forum in 2009.
After decoding our brain depends upon our taught, if we are in stress/cool mind our brain position sends to PC/mobile. We want to receive that data we download Emotive incite android app through android ios.
It is reading our feelings like happiness, sadness, cruelness, tension, afraid, and all our feelings recorded in it and send to Smartphone, then we are able to access our brain easily.
If we are in sadness, tension that information send to headset phone through Bluetooth then smart phone act our feelings and start music till we come in cool mood. What a suppressing gadget it is. Oh man is great.
With the help of this gadget we are operating wheel chair, steering and all electrical and electronic instruments. It is very useful for disabled persons. On the earth lot of people suffering from many disabilities, they are hopeless, but they are working with this Brain reader Gadget, mainly blind persons, and paralysis persons are worked with the help of this device.  
With the help of the gadget we operate a helicopter also. Only thinking our mind total work can do the gadget.
 This computer prototype device model comes into the market probably in January, 2014 cost of Brain reader Gadget is approximately 299 dollars.     
Technology is great, day by day rapid changes takes place. Everything is possible with Technology & Science we have great scientists. There is no scientist there is no earth and people. We have no lives. We are totally depended upon technology and science.

We tell thanks to our great Scientists & Technologists.