Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Earth Ruled by Aliens?

Space Science

 After reading this you will become a decision yes Earth Ruled by Aliens.

  Many people living on the earth, belongs many religions, they have many believes, customs, and many rules. All religions theme is one- God created this universe and he rules the earth.
Yes I told Aliens ruled the earth, how can?  After developing knowledge, science and technology man tries to know what is outer space and solar system, any planet has people (Aliens)/how many planets are in the Universe, any planet is as same as earth. Day by day his desire is increased in high level. Then we are doing experiments in outer space.

Recently I read news about voyager. Ours the greatest NASA tries to answer all questions about outer space, and then it launched a space ship Voyager-1, 2, in 1977. Now Voyager-1 is at a distance of 18.7 billion kilometers (125.3 A.U), and Voyager-2 at a distance of 15.3 billion Kilometers (102.6 A.U) from the Sun. Right now the 2 ships escape from our solar system. Now the 2 ships are in inter stellar space (Stars Kingdom). We knew only 9 plants but the 2 ships are in Stars Kingdom. Voyagers send amazing photos of our outer space and our solar system, many photos of 9 planets. Here include some logic Voyagers sending photos at a distance of 18.7 billion KMs, on the earth receiving stations are received that photos they see in computers live action also.
How can photos coming from Voyagers, if a wave/race/ any other sounds journey in climate only, in outer space there is no climate.  Climate is only around our earth, in outer space there is no climate. If a race/sound journey is depended on climate. If No climate races/sounds are not moved. How space stations can receive the photos and see live?
I read the fuel is in low amount, the ships working with solar power, at Pluto there is no Sun, very cold condition and dark. How the ships are working in that conditions. So the Voyagers are maintained by aliens.

Mars-1 project, in this project many people booked tickets, the trip is only send people on mars no return trip. We saw many images some animals, skulls aliens. How can people lived on mars, we don’t know thoroughly about Mars, but people are booking tickets on Mars trip.

 Recently in China very tall man appeared people believed he is alien and at China and India border 100 UFOs are founded by military.  I read a news article Indian scientist working in NASA he told we are researched on Aliens. We knew aliens met with American presidents. Many rumors are going on. Anyhow something is going on. Near future mans dream become truth. We pray God to save our earth from Aliens, Asteroids, and disasters. After read this post you have any proofs leave a comment.
(Above matter is my own taught only all matter is subject to copy right).