Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These are changed the World!

Science and Technology.

All people in the world see eagerly who is winner of the Google Science Fair award-2013.  I called Google Science fair award is little Nobel Prize in Science and Technology. Yes in this competition lot of entries are come and here the selection process many hurdles are faced the participants, from submit their project to winning award have many filtering sections are there, if a candidate is stopped at any stage of filtering. So difficult to participating in this Google science fair competition.
Google science fair Award winners are:
 Viney Kumar (Australia), 13-14 age group winner.
Ann Makosinski (Canada), 15-16 age group winner.
Eric Chen (USA), 17-18 age group winner
Elif Bilgin (Turkey), Voter’s choice award winner.
Viney Kumar Project: The PART (Police and Ambulances Regulating Traffic) Program
Ann Makosinski Project: A Battery-Free Flashlight.
Eric Chen Project: Anew Anti-Flu Medicine
Elif Bilgin Project: Creating Bio- Plastics from Banana Peel.
Prizes also in high range, I think the award winners are taken by Google Inc, because they are very intelligent persons, because they undergo very tuff competition, Google Science fair competition is more different than other competitions. Here they faced very critical challenges, at any stage they are refused, judges are very famous persons, and finial decision is taken by them.No doubt these people changed the world, their ideas is very useful to people, those ideas is very helpful to developing science and technology. In the future they become famous scientists and technologists.
Every parent want to win Google Science fair award to their child, if a person winning the award, he becomes world famous personality, like Nobel Prize winner.
We congratulate the winners of -2013; explore the winning ideas from – 2013 that might just change the world.
Here one thing Google doings creates a great sensation in the Universe. Technologists, Scientists, and Netzens are also waited which type of news, and which technology or invention coming from Google. In the internet world Google is a Tsunami. No doubt.
We thank to the Google and its team and tell best wishes.

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