Thursday, September 19, 2013

Google Announced New Company “Calico”

Technology and Search engine giant Google announced new company that is “Calico” 

Amazing Google announced yesterday a new company establishment. Google doings is very interesting, because it all doings are created in nitzens, technologists and people a great sensation.
Yesterday Google CEO Larry Page announced this new company Calico, its main aim to give good health and well-being. Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple, will be chief Executive Officer of the company.
I think Lorry Page recovers from illness, he thinks how poor people can suffer illness, and then he decided to establish health care company.
In the world many poor people suffering from many diseases, in this way Microsoft CEO Bill Gates already thinking how can poor people cured form diseases, he decided to giving billions of dollars to poor countries for curing polio, aids, and other chronic diseases. In the developed countries every people have health insurance, and the best medical care. In the developing countries millions of people have in poor condition, poverty is in high range, they have no medical facilities, no health insurance, we see daily news many children died from malnutrition. In the world aged people suffering from health problems, they have no money to cure their health.
Many billionaires give their money to charity, we know Bill Gates, movie star Jackie Chan, Warren Buffett, and many others give their earnings give to charity, mainly they focused on health and poverty, their aim God gives money to us, so we are giving to poor. This is one type of service.
Larry Page also thinking on this way, he recovered from throat illness. He announced Google starts a company focused on health in particular challenge of aging and associated diseases.
Google take any project that will be success, because of their hard work, commitment, it has many technologists, and scientists. Everything comes from Google is success.

We are thanks to Google, and send best wishes.