Sunday, September 22, 2013

Google Win the Race? Yes

Which race is Google win? We are leaving in competition world. In every field heavy competition is running on. If there is no competition there is no world and people.
I give some examples:
Science and Technology: all world participating.
Space: America, Russia, China and other countries competition among them is going on day- by –day.
Supercomputers: America, Japan, China, Russia and other countries.
Nuclear field: right now heavy competition to acquiring nuclear power to their countries.
Computers and Internet: Mainly the competition is going on between Google and Microsoft.
Mobil and Android phones: Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Black Berry, HTC, LG, among theses companies tight competition is now running.
Social networking sites: Google+, Face book,
Mainly after face book tsunami many social networking sites are nearly closed movement; face book users are 1 billion+, now many people thinking what is face book what is the use of face book, there is only sharing, liking, only sharing and liking what is this then they bored on it, because people liking new things, see every young boy and girl want they followed new fashions in the market, so face book users want a new for their entertainment.

And also one reason youth is bored in the face book you send friend request only 1 or 2, if you send more, you received  a message your blocked 30 days due to you avoid face book polices. Then they stunned what is this, oh this is not correct so we want another.

In this time Google thoroughly observed people behavior then it starts Google+, in G+ there is no limitless, you have Gmail account automatically you joined Google+. You add many friends, some people has millions of friends in their circles. It give many options, you shared what you want, no restrictions, and amazing part in Google+ is Communities, wonder and hats of Google. In G+ separate communities for separate interests, if you like movies you joined movie community, interest games joined games community. It is brilliant idea of Google. Because Google is thoroughly reading people behavior and starts Google+, no doubt it becomes Social networking Tsunami in future. Now Google plus users are nearly millions, near future it becomes billions. Now G+ is slowly developing in India
In the face book we see users have followers are in few for example hundreds, thousands, but in Google+ millions of followers are in their circles. If any person like and share your post then it is appeared in your Gmail account, it is very nice program, you know how many people like and re-shared your post. Photos are automatically formed in albums and edited.
So I think no doubt Google Plus win the race of social networking site competition. We said best wishes to Google+ to its success.
                                                                                                                                  Thank you
(Above matter is my own taught)
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