Friday, September 13, 2013

Tsunami in Social Net Working Sites

 Every people has some desires, based on this technology gives many products to us. Developing in the field of technology and communications world became a village. After internet invention, in the people developing a habit to used internet, it is gradually increased.
 After enter social networking sites in internet world, many people opened their accounts and they learned how to use internet for the purpose of access of their accounts. Yes it is very great change in people daily lives. In this situation a Tsunami came in Social networking sites. The Tsunami name is Mark Zuckerberg. Yes after enter of Mark Zuckerberg, he give a boost to internet world and social networking navigation. You compare after face book enter in SNW billions of people learned how to use internet. It is caused to internet usage increased very high range there is no limit.
 Right now Face book account is a social status symbol, at the recruitment time many companies refer a candidate’s face book account. See what a change.  Face book users are in more than 1 billion. The Face book invention was a simple thing. The face book is the name used in American Universities contains individual photos and names. It is printed or published on line directory.

 Inventors of face book: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes. The program is writing in C++, PHP language.
Day by day all people addicted with Face book. Face book give a kike in mind, many people having accounts, in India also millions of people has accounts. Political leaders enter in the social networking site world. They are put photos & videos of their doings, a famous Indian politician has more than 2 million followers in Face book what a change. Not only Indian politicians but also many countries politicians opened accounts in face book and contact people directly through face book, they are taking advice from people also. Mainly youth are having millions of accounts in face book, and then politicians are wanted to connect with the youth. So they successes with the help of face book.  

   Right now many social networking sites are in closed condition due to Face book Tsunami; face book kicked all social networking sites like a Bruce lee kick. Face book rank in the Alexa ranking is 2 in the world. At September 2012 8.7% fake accounts and many accounts are having children. Oh very terrible news.

Which type of changes are created face book in social networking sits world and in Internet. Now youth in Face book mania. People used technology in right way that is very happy and helpful to our society and World.