Sunday, September 29, 2013

Four Apples Changed the World

Yes 4 apples changed the world.

First Apple: God created Eve and Adam; he gives all what their needs. He created earth and everything on earth to their living. After created he told see Eve and Adam don’t eat that tree fruits, it is Apple tree, God is disappeared, then Satan told Eve and Adam God told you false statement, go and eat that apple it is very tasty so sweet, go and eat order the Satan finally the 2 are obey the Satan order and eat apple, suddenly a change came in their mind they know what is what, they feel ashamed, then creation is beginning.

2nd Apple: one of the famous scientists named Sir Isaac Newton, one day he sit under apple tree after some time a apple fall on the ground, then he thinks how can apple fall on the ground, next he invented Gravitational Force (G), Gravitational Force acting on everything on the earth, it is a big step to development in the   science and technology. As same as in Google (G) force is acting on every people in the world who used internet.

3rd Apple: one of the famous technologists Steve Jobs he is changed the world, he hit the technology, and he invented Apple iphone, iPod, it gave sudden changes in mobile market, it is great success, every people want to buy a iphone/iPod. Steve Jobs became world famous personality.

4th Apple: you know Larry Page and Sergey Brin they created Back Rub search engine now it is called, Google it is also called apple because above 3 apples changed the world as same as this Google apple is also changed the world, people not thinking without Google in internet. What we want Google gives to netizens its products are unique. Now Google gives to Gmail users 15 GB space, some of the website owners used this space to Host their websites.
Finally no Google, there is no internet. Day by day Google became a giant, no alternative of Google, now Google Plus it is become a Tsunami in social networking sites. Now the register users are in Google Plus is in more than 1 billion, no doubt it is exceeds Face book near future.

No doubt above 4 apples gave sudden changes in people lives.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Your Health is in Your Hands

Health includes Science and Devotion 
We are spoil our nature with our doings automatically nature is damaged, it causes many diseases. Now ecosystem is totally changed, then your naturally resistance system is also changed. It is caused many diseases like allergy, cancer, diabetics, acidity and other diseases. I told a secret we have a power we recover that all diseases it is God’s gift (nature).
Totally your health is in your hands. People are different but their feelings are same, happiness, peacefulness, joyfulness, sadness and so on. Your inner feelings show outside through your hands, in joyfulness you show with shouted, you are in tension your hands are become strict, thinking time one finger see straightly to sky, begging time hands become a plate shape, people are different, but feelings are same. Symbols language is known as heart language, if a student asked teacher for go to drink water he raised his finger, see at any place all feeling symbols are same.
But how, your Health is in your Hands?
Our feelings show with hands these symbols are called Mudras (signet) in Yoga.
I told some mudras (signet):


Marudanda mudra:  Cured spinal card problems.


Brahamma Mudra:  Cured Blood Pressure problems.


 Chinumdra:  Gives energy from stomach to feet.


 Chinmaya Mudra:  Gives energy from throat to stomach.

 Aadi Mudra: Gives happy and peacefulness to mind.

 Gnana Mudra: increases memory and concentration.

Above signets are practiced daily 10-15 minutes you definitely become healthy person, you recovered illness. You practiced these mudras in a simple way, there is no hard work, you are doing at any place like walking, sitting, seeing movies time, TVs, at any where you practiced. There is no restrictions, only food habits are changed in the practiced time you don’t eat meat, don’t drink alcohol.
One of the famous researcher Gertrude Hirsch thinking oh! this simple signets are cured diseases , ok I will researched on it, then he start researched and practiced yoga mudras, at that time he suffered mental disorders, he joined a Yoga Master’s school and practiced, he become a master and wrote a book “Mudras-Yoga”. There is no doubt you become healthy person, and out of illness. This is not devotional way, only simple physical hand exercises.
Friends start practice Yoga Mudrs and become healthy persons.

                                                                                                                                               Thank you.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These are changed the World!

Science and Technology.

All people in the world see eagerly who is winner of the Google Science Fair award-2013.  I called Google Science fair award is little Nobel Prize in Science and Technology. Yes in this competition lot of entries are come and here the selection process many hurdles are faced the participants, from submit their project to winning award have many filtering sections are there, if a candidate is stopped at any stage of filtering. So difficult to participating in this Google science fair competition.
Google science fair Award winners are:
 Viney Kumar (Australia), 13-14 age group winner.
Ann Makosinski (Canada), 15-16 age group winner.
Eric Chen (USA), 17-18 age group winner
Elif Bilgin (Turkey), Voter’s choice award winner.
Viney Kumar Project: The PART (Police and Ambulances Regulating Traffic) Program
Ann Makosinski Project: A Battery-Free Flashlight.
Eric Chen Project: Anew Anti-Flu Medicine
Elif Bilgin Project: Creating Bio- Plastics from Banana Peel.
Prizes also in high range, I think the award winners are taken by Google Inc, because they are very intelligent persons, because they undergo very tuff competition, Google Science fair competition is more different than other competitions. Here they faced very critical challenges, at any stage they are refused, judges are very famous persons, and finial decision is taken by them.No doubt these people changed the world, their ideas is very useful to people, those ideas is very helpful to developing science and technology. In the future they become famous scientists and technologists.
Every parent want to win Google Science fair award to their child, if a person winning the award, he becomes world famous personality, like Nobel Prize winner.
We congratulate the winners of -2013; explore the winning ideas from – 2013 that might just change the world.
Here one thing Google doings creates a great sensation in the Universe. Technologists, Scientists, and Netzens are also waited which type of news, and which technology or invention coming from Google. In the internet world Google is a Tsunami. No doubt.
We thank to the Google and its team and tell best wishes.

You want know more about Google Science Fair visit below link

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Google Win the Race? Yes

Which race is Google win? We are leaving in competition world. In every field heavy competition is running on. If there is no competition there is no world and people.
I give some examples:
Science and Technology: all world participating.
Space: America, Russia, China and other countries competition among them is going on day- by –day.
Supercomputers: America, Japan, China, Russia and other countries.
Nuclear field: right now heavy competition to acquiring nuclear power to their countries.
Computers and Internet: Mainly the competition is going on between Google and Microsoft.
Mobil and Android phones: Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Black Berry, HTC, LG, among theses companies tight competition is now running.
Social networking sites: Google+, Face book,
Mainly after face book tsunami many social networking sites are nearly closed movement; face book users are 1 billion+, now many people thinking what is face book what is the use of face book, there is only sharing, liking, only sharing and liking what is this then they bored on it, because people liking new things, see every young boy and girl want they followed new fashions in the market, so face book users want a new for their entertainment.

And also one reason youth is bored in the face book you send friend request only 1 or 2, if you send more, you received  a message your blocked 30 days due to you avoid face book polices. Then they stunned what is this, oh this is not correct so we want another.

In this time Google thoroughly observed people behavior then it starts Google+, in G+ there is no limitless, you have Gmail account automatically you joined Google+. You add many friends, some people has millions of friends in their circles. It give many options, you shared what you want, no restrictions, and amazing part in Google+ is Communities, wonder and hats of Google. In G+ separate communities for separate interests, if you like movies you joined movie community, interest games joined games community. It is brilliant idea of Google. Because Google is thoroughly reading people behavior and starts Google+, no doubt it becomes Social networking Tsunami in future. Now Google plus users are nearly millions, near future it becomes billions. Now G+ is slowly developing in India
In the face book we see users have followers are in few for example hundreds, thousands, but in Google+ millions of followers are in their circles. If any person like and share your post then it is appeared in your Gmail account, it is very nice program, you know how many people like and re-shared your post. Photos are automatically formed in albums and edited.
So I think no doubt Google Plus win the race of social networking site competition. We said best wishes to Google+ to its success.
                                                                                                                                  Thank you
(Above matter is my own taught)
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Google Announced New Company “Calico”

Technology and Search engine giant Google announced new company that is “Calico” 

Amazing Google announced yesterday a new company establishment. Google doings is very interesting, because it all doings are created in nitzens, technologists and people a great sensation.
Yesterday Google CEO Larry Page announced this new company Calico, its main aim to give good health and well-being. Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple, will be chief Executive Officer of the company.
I think Lorry Page recovers from illness, he thinks how poor people can suffer illness, and then he decided to establish health care company.
In the world many poor people suffering from many diseases, in this way Microsoft CEO Bill Gates already thinking how can poor people cured form diseases, he decided to giving billions of dollars to poor countries for curing polio, aids, and other chronic diseases. In the developed countries every people have health insurance, and the best medical care. In the developing countries millions of people have in poor condition, poverty is in high range, they have no medical facilities, no health insurance, we see daily news many children died from malnutrition. In the world aged people suffering from health problems, they have no money to cure their health.
Many billionaires give their money to charity, we know Bill Gates, movie star Jackie Chan, Warren Buffett, and many others give their earnings give to charity, mainly they focused on health and poverty, their aim God gives money to us, so we are giving to poor. This is one type of service.
Larry Page also thinking on this way, he recovered from throat illness. He announced Google starts a company focused on health in particular challenge of aging and associated diseases.
Google take any project that will be success, because of their hard work, commitment, it has many technologists, and scientists. Everything comes from Google is success.

We are thanks to Google, and send best wishes. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready to Travel into Future! How can?

Time Machine 

Future! This is a miracle word; everyone exited and feared about future. We don’t know what happened tomorrow. In the ancient days saints know what future is and what things happened in future through their third Eye. Now many scientists are working on it. But all are told there is possible to travel to future. They are successes only a few.

One of the famous Professor and Particle Physicist Brian Cox told in a meeting of British science festival. He describes time travel is 100% possible, depending upon Einstein’s theory of special relativity. If technology was developed that could transport large objects close to the speed of light, humans could travel is possible. As you approach to speed of light, your clock runs very slow you could come back many years in the future, it is totally Einstein’s theory of special relatively, that states to travel forward in time, an object would need to reach speeds close to the speed of light.

If possible to travel into future there is many miracles take place. A person travel future he knows what happened in his future if he died in one month/ week then he comeback and take a life insurance policy in millions. He decided I am died why people are living then he do some bad things.
He sees in future Power Boll lottery winning number, after he comeback immediately buy the winning number ticket. What a funny thing it is. He knows who the winner of any country president elections is; he joined in that winning party. He know all people future he became a famous astrologer, he know earth is ended in how many years.

Many movies comes in Hollywood that is only taught, not real but in future, taught are successes, any how some wonders are takes place in future. Because we are in technology world anything possible through technology and science.

Many funny and sad conditions takes place to travel into future, Brian Cox told, but God is great, he holds some natural things we don’t know what happened in nature. See sudden earthquake comes we can helpless, sudden Tsunami comes what can man we do, science is saved us, no, anyone can’t save us. Only God can save us. There is no doubt 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brain Reader! New Gadget

Future technology

One taught means an action among neurons in brain. At that time some electric power is generated, it is called neural electric impulse. Based on impulses some waves are travelled this waves called brain waves. In the hospitals EEG scanning is depended upon these waves. Based on this Brain Reader is working.
Name of the brain reader is Emotive Incite Gadget; it seems like a head set, we wear it then it is reading brain weaves and receptive at censors decoding, easily we understand that decoding.


Inventor of the Brain Reader Gadget: Tan lee she is the winner of the “Young Australian of the Year” in 1998 and “Young Global leader” award from world economic forum in 2009.
After decoding our brain depends upon our taught, if we are in stress/cool mind our brain position sends to PC/mobile. We want to receive that data we download Emotive incite android app through android ios.
It is reading our feelings like happiness, sadness, cruelness, tension, afraid, and all our feelings recorded in it and send to Smartphone, then we are able to access our brain easily.
If we are in sadness, tension that information send to headset phone through Bluetooth then smart phone act our feelings and start music till we come in cool mood. What a suppressing gadget it is. Oh man is great.
With the help of this gadget we are operating wheel chair, steering and all electrical and electronic instruments. It is very useful for disabled persons. On the earth lot of people suffering from many disabilities, they are hopeless, but they are working with this Brain reader Gadget, mainly blind persons, and paralysis persons are worked with the help of this device.  
With the help of the gadget we operate a helicopter also. Only thinking our mind total work can do the gadget.
 This computer prototype device model comes into the market probably in January, 2014 cost of Brain reader Gadget is approximately 299 dollars.     
Technology is great, day by day rapid changes takes place. Everything is possible with Technology & Science we have great scientists. There is no scientist there is no earth and people. We have no lives. We are totally depended upon technology and science.

We tell thanks to our great Scientists & Technologists. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tsunami in Social Net Working Sites

 Every people has some desires, based on this technology gives many products to us. Developing in the field of technology and communications world became a village. After internet invention, in the people developing a habit to used internet, it is gradually increased.
 After enter social networking sites in internet world, many people opened their accounts and they learned how to use internet for the purpose of access of their accounts. Yes it is very great change in people daily lives. In this situation a Tsunami came in Social networking sites. The Tsunami name is Mark Zuckerberg. Yes after enter of Mark Zuckerberg, he give a boost to internet world and social networking navigation. You compare after face book enter in SNW billions of people learned how to use internet. It is caused to internet usage increased very high range there is no limit.
 Right now Face book account is a social status symbol, at the recruitment time many companies refer a candidate’s face book account. See what a change.  Face book users are in more than 1 billion. The Face book invention was a simple thing. The face book is the name used in American Universities contains individual photos and names. It is printed or published on line directory.

 Inventors of face book: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes. The program is writing in C++, PHP language.
Day by day all people addicted with Face book. Face book give a kike in mind, many people having accounts, in India also millions of people has accounts. Political leaders enter in the social networking site world. They are put photos & videos of their doings, a famous Indian politician has more than 2 million followers in Face book what a change. Not only Indian politicians but also many countries politicians opened accounts in face book and contact people directly through face book, they are taking advice from people also. Mainly youth are having millions of accounts in face book, and then politicians are wanted to connect with the youth. So they successes with the help of face book.  

   Right now many social networking sites are in closed condition due to Face book Tsunami; face book kicked all social networking sites like a Bruce lee kick. Face book rank in the Alexa ranking is 2 in the world. At September 2012 8.7% fake accounts and many accounts are having children. Oh very terrible news.

Which type of changes are created face book in social networking sits world and in Internet. Now youth in Face book mania. People used technology in right way that is very happy and helpful to our society and World.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Earth Ruled by Aliens?

Space Science

 After reading this you will become a decision yes Earth Ruled by Aliens.

  Many people living on the earth, belongs many religions, they have many believes, customs, and many rules. All religions theme is one- God created this universe and he rules the earth.
Yes I told Aliens ruled the earth, how can?  After developing knowledge, science and technology man tries to know what is outer space and solar system, any planet has people (Aliens)/how many planets are in the Universe, any planet is as same as earth. Day by day his desire is increased in high level. Then we are doing experiments in outer space.

Recently I read news about voyager. Ours the greatest NASA tries to answer all questions about outer space, and then it launched a space ship Voyager-1, 2, in 1977. Now Voyager-1 is at a distance of 18.7 billion kilometers (125.3 A.U), and Voyager-2 at a distance of 15.3 billion Kilometers (102.6 A.U) from the Sun. Right now the 2 ships escape from our solar system. Now the 2 ships are in inter stellar space (Stars Kingdom). We knew only 9 plants but the 2 ships are in Stars Kingdom. Voyagers send amazing photos of our outer space and our solar system, many photos of 9 planets. Here include some logic Voyagers sending photos at a distance of 18.7 billion KMs, on the earth receiving stations are received that photos they see in computers live action also.
How can photos coming from Voyagers, if a wave/race/ any other sounds journey in climate only, in outer space there is no climate.  Climate is only around our earth, in outer space there is no climate. If a race/sound journey is depended on climate. If No climate races/sounds are not moved. How space stations can receive the photos and see live?
I read the fuel is in low amount, the ships working with solar power, at Pluto there is no Sun, very cold condition and dark. How the ships are working in that conditions. So the Voyagers are maintained by aliens.

Mars-1 project, in this project many people booked tickets, the trip is only send people on mars no return trip. We saw many images some animals, skulls aliens. How can people lived on mars, we don’t know thoroughly about Mars, but people are booking tickets on Mars trip.

 Recently in China very tall man appeared people believed he is alien and at China and India border 100 UFOs are founded by military.  I read a news article Indian scientist working in NASA he told we are researched on Aliens. We knew aliens met with American presidents. Many rumors are going on. Anyhow something is going on. Near future mans dream become truth. We pray God to save our earth from Aliens, Asteroids, and disasters. After read this post you have any proofs leave a comment.
(Above matter is my own taught only all matter is subject to copy right).   

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guys Ready To Eat Android Chocolate

Something is very funny in our lives. As same thing Google create sensation in Internet world, Tech people, netizens. Right now all android users ready to eat Google Android Chocolate. In the android series Google release its android next version.

The First Android version 1.5 versions Cupcake, Android is an open operating system it can run almost any app so you can do what you want to do.
Second 1.6, Donut: versions, the World’s information is at your pocket.
Third 2.0, Eclair: Arrange apps and widgets across multiple screens and in folders.
Fourth 2.2, Froyo: voice control your mobile, just you speak.
Fifth 2.3, Gingerbread: you can touch, tap, tilt, and play.
Sixth 3.0, Honeycomb: optimized for tablets opens up new horizons wherever you are.
Seventh 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich: simple beautiful and beyond smart in new design.
Eighth 4.1, Jelly Bean: android is so fast this 4.1 version creating a great sensation around the world.

Android is the operating system that powers more than 1 billion smart phones and tablets. Since the devices make our lives so sweet, Google is named each android version after a dessert. Now Google gives its next Android is 4.4 version is Kit Kat. Android kitKat to make an amazing android experience available for everybody this is the slogan of KitKat.

Something amazing to decided names Google it’s all products in a surprising manner, very funny its names. Right now the KitKat creates a great sensation all over the world.
All people waited what are features of the KitKat and how it works; it is suspense Google gives only name of the 4.4 version only.

Google make a product for billions of users for Android, has successfully achieved the goal. I can’t imagine a day without my android phone; this is not only my taught but also taught of all people who used Android phones.  
you want see more about Android 4.4 KitKat version visit below link

                                           Google android website Kit kat

Monday, September 2, 2013

Face book New In & Out Policy

Millions of Accounts are Closed

   Face book took a big step, it is bravely took this step, if the step is implemented many fake accounts are closed. This step is as same as the Indian Government linked Aadhaar card for Government Subsidies, because in India millions of fake ration, and gas connection cards are going on, after Aadhaar card implementation many cards are banned( those are fake cards).
Now face book users are 1 billion+ some of these accounts are consists of fake names, fake photos, and also in some accounts are having anti social elements, and many accounts have children, they are under 18 age. They spent more time at face book, it is very terrible news.  Governments of the countries around the world worried about it. They take necessary steps to stop this situation.
    Face book is considering incorporating most of its more than 1 billion member’s account’s profile photos into its growing facial recognition database, expanding the scope of the social network's controversial technology. The technology automatically identifies faces in newly uploaded images by comparing it only to previous photos in which users are tagged. Here face book users can chose to removed tags identifying them in photos posted by other on the site.
Anyhow millions of accounts in face book are fake, in the face recognition system identify your photo is real or fake if fake automatically your account is banned. If your photo is real you provided a government ID proof. You are in under age your parents give permission to continue your account.  
  Why face book change its policies, the revelations of United State government electronic surveillance program and Number of Governments from all over the world want the user’s data due to their security reasons, then Face book implemented DATA-USE POLICY.
Face book explained how to use your data:
   “Face book receive a number of different types of information about you, your information is the information that’s required when your sign up for account in the site, as well as the information you choose to share. In sign up for face book you are provided information such as your name, email address, birthday, gender, native place, phone number and gender (here many people chose female gender they want to cheating people) you share your updates, upload a photo, comment on friend’s share and you add a friend, like a page or a website, add a place to your story, use our contact importers, of indicate you are in a relationship.
As described in how face book used the information they received, they also put together data from the information they already have about you, your friends, and others, and so they can offer and suggest a variety of services and features. They make friend suggestions, and other they put together your current city with GPS and other location information we have about you to, for example, tell you and your friends about people or events nearby, or offer deals to you in which you might be interested. We may also put together data about you to serve you ads or other content that might be more relevant to you.
  As part of our efforts to keep face book products, services and integration's  safe and secure, to protect face book’s or others’ rights or property, to provide you with location features and services, like telling you and your friends, when something is going on nearby, to measure or understand the effectiveness of ads you and other see, including to deliver relevant ads to you, make suggestions to you and other users on face book such as suggesting that your friend use our contact importer because you found friends using it suggesting that another user add you as a tag you in a picture they have uploaded with you in it and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing research and service  improvement” and so on-----------.”
    Face book gave above statement but basically the data use policy implemented many requests from Global governments, U.S, requests- 11000-12000, India -3245, Germany -1886, Italy-1705, France-1547. Then face book implemented DUS policy. 
   So fake account holders are afraid of to hear this news, anyhow face book give a good gift, because many fake accounts are in famous leaders, technologists, actors, and other people they commented very vulgarly, it is a headache of  the governments. Now face book free from fake accounts.
                                                                                                                                          Thank you.