Saturday, August 31, 2013

Google Making Smart Watch! The End of Android Phones

 Google's new product

Google Smart Watch
(images are created by me)

Yes it is correct right now we are in Smart phones Tsunami, in the market there are number of companies made Smart phones; lastly China companies also double –crossing the Smart phones of the famous companies. It is unhealthy competition in the market. Number of smart phone models coming day by day into the market around the world. Google see this situation and plans to making a Android Wrist Watch. I believed this news is real, in October 26, 2011 Google applied for a Patent to United States Patent department. Based on this news Right now Google is making a smart watch to its Android users.

Inventors of this Smart Watch: Richard Carl, Miller, James Brooks, Google has super technologists, the R & D section is very fast I think nearly ten years before around the world R&D centers.

Devices in the Smart watch: it can contain a wristband, base and a flip up portion. The base includes housing, a processor, wireless transceiver, and a tactile user interface.
I think in this wrist watch able to do some things like messaging  alerts ( all mails not only Gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail, facebook alerts)in this watch Google maps are inserted it gives directions to us, Locations, nearest famous hotels, hospitals, famous amusing centers and other. The main advantage of this wrist watch it is used as a camera, a memory card also include we heard songs and see down load movies. Amazing thing is includes in Smart Watch it is YouTube, today billions of YouTube users are see YouTube, so Google is definitely  inserted YouTube option, the Smart watch has internet browsing also, it is operated Global Position System( this is my own taught). Google’s field trip app gives real time information as you wish in the walking time Google can easily includes filed trip app in the Smart Watch.    
Now the Android Watch war is begin all over the world follow The Google, many famous companies eagerly awaited which type of products comes from Google, which technology used in its products. After releasing many companies followed and making same type of products. Google creates wonders no doubt not at all.
After releasing of this Android watch all Smart phones are disappear. Today youth follow the new trends very fast. Near future The Google Smart Watch Tsunami is definitely comes we are quenched in the Tsunami of the Google Smart Watch.

All tech people and youth ready to wear the Smart watch from Google.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Competition between Google Glass & All In One Glass

Future Technology:

First we know everything is possible with Science & Technology, thanks to our great scientists and technologists. 

We see everything through our eyes and record in our mind that incident/beauty, there is no proof in ancient days saints were see through their third eye and recorded in their mind, if any time they showed that incident. Depends upon this our Google developed a glass. With Google Glass we perform some events like shoot a picture, video recording, share in live what we see and so on.
Google glass advantages: it is operated with voice, take pictures what you want give a voice commend. Any place at any time and any movement recorded what you see. If you want share those who is  intresting things then you share it live. Send messages with speaking. You asked anything whatever’s on your mind. It gives directions help of Google maps and also many advantages included in it.
Disadvantage of Google Glass is, in some countries like India in temples cameras are not allowed, but people take this glass and shoot all parts of temples. In some countries restricted places prohibited cameras in some places, don’t shoot that places we take this glass and shoot hands free. If this glass used anti social elements we are fall in danger.
In All in One Glass through we see clearly 25 kms like an Eagle, Eagle see 25 km very clearly, with Google glass record what you see, at recording time the situation is bad/good that glass recorded in this some bad/good included, you recorded a event in that no one can observed you, because you ware glass, no camera in your hand that is hand free recording. Some of the young people used this type of glass in wrong way, because some of the worst people living in India they always shoot women, we see in facebook  number of worst photos of women these all photos are shoot hidden cameras, in Google glass no hidden camera glass is also act as camera. This is main disadvantage of Google glass

All In One Glass advantages: in this glass if you want to shoot anything first it is scanned objects, person, animal, stone, scenery, if the object is person then it is scanned person dressed or undressed this is the wonderful future of this glass (first the glass only scanned not shoot) all program is fixed in the glass.
If you have eye problem like sight the glass adjusted your eyesight. To see trough these glasses 25 kms without disturbance. It is acted as an x-ray machine. (No radiation affect). It is operated eye and voice commands. Want see movies then connected internet see what you want. There is no radiation affect because it is made and avoids radiation. You or any person in danger in front of you then automatically it is warned. It is operated by GPS. If you want save all data as you wish chip/PC, it has message alert system, it requires any mail account. Parents want to see their sons/daughters (who take this glass with them) they opened internet type code (every glass has code it is connected to GPS) of the glass the place and position of them, beautiful advantage of this glass. Many advantages have this All in One Glass. You read above matter don’t laugh because everything is possible with science and technology.

Above All in One Glass is my own taught, because design of Google glass is possible, and then All in One Glass is also possible near future. One of the famous companies takes this project and designs these glass (my desire and strong belief) above taught is my own I think it is possible near future. (Above matter is applied copyright material all rights reserved by me (mvenkat K)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg’s new Project

     The social networking giant facbook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg dream project that is this organization founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

  Project aim is to provide internet to all people in the world. In the world 2/3rd people have internet. Right now around 2.7billion people in the world have internet access.
We are in technology world, rapid changes come into the technology development, mainly mobile phones changed the world, world became a village with mobile phones. Here in some places there are no signals of sim cards so many mobile manufacturing companies faced big trouble they want to bring internet in their mobiles.

So they plans to participate in the Mark Zuckerberg’s dream project, the founding members in the organization is Facebook, Nokia, Samsung, Opera, Ericsson, Media Tek, and Qualcomm. The main aim of these companies is,, efficient use of data and access of Internet is in reasonably price. It can help create new business and services then automatically internet access is increased. At that time every people feel very proud to Mark Zuckerberg’s thinking is to develop lower cost and high quality smart and android mobiles it could develop internet access used remote areas also.

Mark Zuckerberg said “there are huge obstacles in developing countries to connecting and joining the knowledge economy. brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome these challenges, including making Internet access available to those who cannot currently bear it.
In the world many countries in developing stage, they have not sufficient technology experts, equipments, companies, this is the problem that governments provide internet to all people in their countries.

Mark Zuckerberg targets this. He aimed to access internet all over the world, he want to connect 5 billion people all over the world he know very well of the marketing strategy. So he established with the help of famous companies.Here some ideas come from the people he established facebook today it is running very successfully. After facebook establishment many social networking sites are in closed stage. Billions of people have facebook accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg is a successful marketing man, in this establishment an idea is also include it is definitely hit, and earning huge amounts, many companies market their products.
Anyhow Mark Zuckerberg’s idea is great. Because he helped all over world to provide Internet to all people in the world through his organization the

We wish he all the best to Mark Zuckerberg in his future huge assignment.

Thank you.     

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Be Alert -Why?

  What is the meaning of this word? Why we are being alert? Now in the world every people thinking how to earn money, some people thinking do jobs, business and other source. Some people thinking in different way how to earn money from online without investment, they searched in online many web sites.

   Here funny thing every people thinking how to earn money without pain to gain and less investment/no investment. In the world many people assume in this way. Early morning they opened internet searched for how to earn free money from online without investment and ---------.

   They have little knowledge on this topic. They see some web sites and feel proud himself/herself oh I am the great person; I invent a website to earn money (They don’t know  the website contain, all information is  bogus). They wanted entry fee, you click register button a massage opened you will have pay some fee. You will pay through credit/debit card then he entered his all information. This is one type of cheating.

Read Carefully. Right now Google is universal company everyone knows what Google, some web sites are used the word Google in their sites and attracted people for their sites. But innocent people don’t know Google polices Terms & Conditions. You see below a image I take it with screenshot.
In the image Google pays me $300 per hour and Google has blessed me with a work from home for $8700 per month. (The information show in the below image is fake) because in my real experience.

 The above image is a bogus and the matter is bogus, because Google not entertain these type of things. don't believe, any doubt you will contact Google.Inc  

   Some cheating websites took money from innocent persons. Right now Google Adsense is very famous in the Universe, this is amazing gift form Google to people.
If a person see the image then he thinks oh very easy way to earn money from online through Google. Then he clicked on it.

After clicking you see above result (see in above image)
   So friends be care don’t give your details (Pass word, Credit/Debit card numbers, and all your Personal information) to some cheating websites. Online money scams /cheatings are going on in internet.Don’t fall their traps. Beware and alert if you have any doubt then you consult internet security organizations.

  Don’t give your personal information and photos of you and your family.
Some days ago I saw the advertisement (You See in above images) I think that is fake, because I know thoroughly what is Google terms and condition. So I give this post.
Friends some Cheating People are used technology in wrong way so be alert once again I told don’t fall their traps and don’t give your personal information.

  Thank you  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Google Pays 5000$ Why?

 Now we are in competition world. This competition is very high range in Internet also. Internet elephants are announced their rewards for security program. The name of this program is “Bug Bounty”.

  The search engine giant Google has decided to raise amount pays to whom reporting bugs by five-fold or up to 5,000 USD. Google has already paid Two million dollars in the way of rewards on its BUG BOUNTY PROGRAMME who reported real bugs in its Chrome browser and its products.

 We know Indians were the second place in award recipients list. Indians are found many bugs and reported to Google then the team of Google decided and research after that they give rewards.
Bug: bug is an error or defect or problem in hard ware/soft ware it causes a program to disturb functions in browsing time. Bugs can cause sudden crashed or unexpected errors in real time. Some of the bug defects can be used to undergo unauthorized access to systems.
Some days ago social networking Dracula Face book also paid over one million USD to bug reporting people. Then face book take action on it and restrain correct usage of face book without any error. In this way Microsoft has also conducted bug bounty program in June.
Google will issue higher rewards for bugs they believe present a powerful threat to user safety, and when the researcher provides authentic analysis of credulous and severity.

 Three years ago Google started its Chromium and Google Web Vulnerability Reward Program. At present Google fixed over 2,000 security bug reports.
It raised the reward for bugs in sensitive and universal services of its Gmail and other products.
 Vulnerability Reward program for Google owned web properties, running continuously since November-2010.,  YouTube. com,,
Qualifying vulnerabilities:

 Cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, authentication or authorization flaws, server side code execution bugs. These vulnerabilities are finding in any of the Google products then you will contact Google security team/ visited below Google link.

You want more on Google bug bounty program visited this Google link. 


Sunday, August 18, 2013


    Take a new path the development in technology. Why always man’s mind thinking in this way? Due to heavy population needs, and competition among developed countries and developing countries in every field (War Weapons, Super Computers, Mobiles, PCs, laptops, Space, Science, each and every field) then every people, scientists and also Governments are thinking in many ways. So a new trend takes place to developing in technology, first man mind become sharp, how can it possible? Only one way to fulfill this, that is activated man’s Third eye. Yes if a man activated his third eye then he is become a famous personality in society as well as in world.

  Many benefits include activating our Third Eye; he is the master of all fields.
Place of the Third Eye: center point/ middle of the Eye brows.

   We have no power to see physically our third eye. Anyone impossible to see, there is no instruments to see Third Eye. See Only Yoga masters (who is attain supernatural powers), great saints, deep devotional persons can able to see their and people Third Eye.
How can used Third Eye to developing technology?

If a person activates his Third Eye, he attains some super natural powers. He understands and control on his emotions. He is solving problems his/other's in very happy manner and easily. Our minds are always in tension feel, but his mind is in cool condition. His mind fill with happy love, and peace, behavior become friendly towards everybody. (If our mind become peace and relax we can do everything nothing to impossible).
    Ancient days in India many saints activated their third eyes, they did and show many miracles and super natural powers. World known famous saint Sri VEERABRAHMANDRASWAMI, he wrote kalaganam (THE FUTURE), Sri SWAMI VIVAKANANDA,PRAMAHAMS YOGANANDA, Sri RAMAKRISHNA PRAMAHAMS, Sri RAMANUJACHARYA, Sri JAGADGURU SANKARACHARYA, Sri JESUS, Famous Astrologer NOSTRADAMOS   and so many saints activated their Third Eye, became Universal famous persons.

Here I give some names of present famous personalities in the world, LARRY PAGE, SERGEY BRIN, BILL GATES, STEVE JOBS, MARK ZUCKERBERG, DAVID CARP, and other tech inventers and scientists, Third Eye also in activated stage, because their mind is working like Third Eye it is very interesting news

    In the same at present we activated our Third Eye we know everything (Past, Present, and Future). Third Eye activated persons worked in every field like Science and Technology, Research and Development wings, Space departments, Medical field, and all other fields then get the best results in every field. That day there is no hunger, no poverty, no fear, no wars, we faced any problem/danger very bravely, and then we lived happily on the Earth. (This is my own taught)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Android application for Google AdSense (New Product)



 (Above all images draw by me)
   One and only Amazing and wonder gift from Google is GOOGLE AdSense. Many people engaging and growing with Google AdSense in the world. This is free on online money, here no investment, required only Gmail account, Own Website or a Blog, you monetize your content , now many people earned  sufficient earnings, the main theme is “ WORK MORE EARN MORE” means you put unique content in your website/blog, you will work hard your traffic is increased, if traffic is increased your income is also increased, this is the secret of Google AdSense.

Our Google develop Android app for Google AdSense. It is unique product of Google AdSense, it is provides user-friendly way to access AdSense account key data from your AdSense account. The app reported features anywhere at any time through your cell phone. The first version of the AdSense Android app gives access to the key earnings information. Ad units, url channels, sites reports, payments alerts, top custom channels, alerts regarding AdSense account. This app updated on August 8-2013, size of this app is 2.3mb, requires android 4.0 (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich).

You want to install this you go to Google Play store or visited this link.

 With this app we see in our AdSense account this month earnings, last month earnings, yesterday earnings. Now 10,000 people installed this app. So everyone installed this app and engaged with your Google AdSense account, and earn more and more.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  Do you know your death date? Ready to know your death date

Everyone wants to know my death time/my death date, and what is the age at the time of my death? In computer generation we are living in very hurry. In ancient days people lived happily and healthily. Their lifespan was also increased.

  At present a question is arise in our minds what is my death time. In ancient days saints, yogi (yoga masters), know the people death time. If a person went and ask the Saint please told me my death time and what is my future. Then the saint scans the man’s body and told what happened in his future. How can the Saint tell future of the man? Here I told great thing in ancient days all saints were strictly followed some rules, those are they did not eat meat, lived in forests, regularly practice yoga, they spend most of their time in meditation. Automatically in meditation our Third Eye (Wisdom Eye/Knowledge Eye) activated and opened. The third eye is situated inner body at the middle of our Eye brows. Everyone has this Third Eye (but not activate condition). Saints see the man and opened his third Eye and passed some holy races from his third Eye on man’s body then he know all about him.

 LATEST DEATH TEST EXPIRMENT: Professor Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock scientists from Lancaster University invented DEATH DATE experiment. It is the method of analyzing endothelial re-activity with the help of laser races.
In this DEATH TEST applying a painless Laser beam on the skin through a device, the shape of the device is in wrist watch. The laser beam penetrate into the body and it is measuring the oscillations within the cells, the scientists can calculate the length of the body age time before death and also test for diseases cancer and other major harmful diseases. The Wrist Watch device encourage users to stay healthy, this test is not painful, a simple test. Endothelial cells are a key indicator of a man’s health, the scientists monitoring them they can identify those who are ageing more quickly than normal.

Some people was afraid of this test, a funny thing, if a person wants to know his death date and undergo this DEATH TEST, the result is he died next day, then think, what is his condition at the time,if we know our death date we purchase million dollars of life insurance polices on our lives,   so some are rejected and some people are welcome.

User friendly version of the system comes to all countries will  expected to be completed within the next 3 years.

         So ready to known your DEATH DATE

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


  The news is face book announcing mobile game publishing. It is a new program, helps and gives boost to medium and small developers take their mobile games worldwide.

  Many people playing games on face book, some are shared very popular games to their timeline. The games system is steadily growing, then developers building high quality games for mobiles, desktop, and also android games people as well as children very much love and edict to play this games. Many companies develop and occupy market. In this way as the mobile apps ecosystem expands it is invented a valuable and big marketplace. This is challenge for mobile games. Face book has already been helping with apps discovery through products of advertisers as mobile apps install ads program. Any how many developers are developing many beautiful and suspense games. They have no platform to market their awesome mobile games. The facebook give a helping hand to them find a path to success and market their awesome games.

  At present mobile apps monthly users exceeds 8 million, more than 2.8 million people (including children) playing games on facebook , many people share games also. Facebook has capability to help games in its program find more valuable audience of the right users (right man in right place). This program divided strategy game lovers and casual game lovers. Face book already working with ten developers from worldwide and introducing their awesome mobile games to game lovers, those are 5th planet’s, Certain Affinity, Brain bow’s, Gameloft’s and so on.

  This program is very useful to small and medium awesome game developers. Face book give a good path to sell their games, and give good revenue sharing to developers. Today many future phones are coming in day by day people also buy the new phones.

   We have many tech people every day they develop games, but they have no idea to market their games, face book game publishing program is very good platform to sell their games and earn more revenue with facebook mobile games partnership. If anyone wants for applying this program you can visit and apply through this link.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


  Internet search giant take a big step. That is GOOGLE  it is trying to change television watching again, after a big response to its Google TV product it tries to building a complex system to bring its apps and internet video( YouTube and other) to the TV. In this way GOOGLE invented a tremendous device that is called CHROMECAST it is streams to the TV screen videos and music from tablets, smart phones, Google nexus phone and laptops.

  Google ChromeCast WorksDevices you have own including android tablets, Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Chrome for Mac and Chrome for Windows Browse for what to watch, control playback, and adjust volume using your device, and it is also works with YOUTUBE, GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES AND TV, GOOGLE MUSIC and many other devices.
The cost of the chrome cast is 35 $. It is plugs into the back of our HDTV through HDMIV slot. Once connected to Wi-Fi network will pair our android, iOs, windows device to bring your favorite online entertainment to your the biggest screen in your house.

You want to know more about Google Chrome Cast visit these links

 Google Chrome cast Hardware set up: in the Chrome Cast packing find a dongle, one HDMI extender, Micro USB cable and an Electrical plug adapter. You do just plug the USB cable connected to one on your TV USB ports.

  There is no remote control, because you pause, play and control volume and switch apps and media using the connected devices themselves.  An easy way to watch all content and programs on web in your TV.
Mostly Google Chrome Cast working with NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, AND GOOGLE PLAY and connect streamed from Google’s Chrome browser, and in future Google plans for it to work with more apps. We can also stream either a single Chrome browser tab or your whole screen to the Chrome Cast, you also enabling you to share all kinds to things like movies, TV shows, and photos.