Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Android application for Google AdSense (New Product)



 (Above all images draw by me)
   One and only Amazing and wonder gift from Google is GOOGLE AdSense. Many people engaging and growing with Google AdSense in the world. This is free on online money, here no investment, required only Gmail account, Own Website or a Blog, you monetize your content , now many people earned  sufficient earnings, the main theme is “ WORK MORE EARN MORE” means you put unique content in your website/blog, you will work hard your traffic is increased, if traffic is increased your income is also increased, this is the secret of Google AdSense.

Our Google develop Android app for Google AdSense. It is unique product of Google AdSense, it is provides user-friendly way to access AdSense account key data from your AdSense account. The app reported features anywhere at any time through your cell phone. The first version of the AdSense Android app gives access to the key earnings information. Ad units, url channels, sites reports, payments alerts, top custom channels, alerts regarding AdSense account. This app updated on August 8-2013, size of this app is 2.3mb, requires android 4.0 (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich).

You want to install this you go to Google Play store or visited this link.

 With this app we see in our AdSense account this month earnings, last month earnings, yesterday earnings. Now 10,000 people installed this app. So everyone installed this app and engaged with your Google AdSense account, and earn more and more.