Thursday, August 29, 2013

Competition between Google Glass & All In One Glass

Future Technology:

First we know everything is possible with Science & Technology, thanks to our great scientists and technologists. 

We see everything through our eyes and record in our mind that incident/beauty, there is no proof in ancient days saints were see through their third eye and recorded in their mind, if any time they showed that incident. Depends upon this our Google developed a glass. With Google Glass we perform some events like shoot a picture, video recording, share in live what we see and so on.
Google glass advantages: it is operated with voice, take pictures what you want give a voice commend. Any place at any time and any movement recorded what you see. If you want share those who is  intresting things then you share it live. Send messages with speaking. You asked anything whatever’s on your mind. It gives directions help of Google maps and also many advantages included in it.
Disadvantage of Google Glass is, in some countries like India in temples cameras are not allowed, but people take this glass and shoot all parts of temples. In some countries restricted places prohibited cameras in some places, don’t shoot that places we take this glass and shoot hands free. If this glass used anti social elements we are fall in danger.
In All in One Glass through we see clearly 25 kms like an Eagle, Eagle see 25 km very clearly, with Google glass record what you see, at recording time the situation is bad/good that glass recorded in this some bad/good included, you recorded a event in that no one can observed you, because you ware glass, no camera in your hand that is hand free recording. Some of the young people used this type of glass in wrong way, because some of the worst people living in India they always shoot women, we see in facebook  number of worst photos of women these all photos are shoot hidden cameras, in Google glass no hidden camera glass is also act as camera. This is main disadvantage of Google glass

All In One Glass advantages: in this glass if you want to shoot anything first it is scanned objects, person, animal, stone, scenery, if the object is person then it is scanned person dressed or undressed this is the wonderful future of this glass (first the glass only scanned not shoot) all program is fixed in the glass.
If you have eye problem like sight the glass adjusted your eyesight. To see trough these glasses 25 kms without disturbance. It is acted as an x-ray machine. (No radiation affect). It is operated eye and voice commands. Want see movies then connected internet see what you want. There is no radiation affect because it is made and avoids radiation. You or any person in danger in front of you then automatically it is warned. It is operated by GPS. If you want save all data as you wish chip/PC, it has message alert system, it requires any mail account. Parents want to see their sons/daughters (who take this glass with them) they opened internet type code (every glass has code it is connected to GPS) of the glass the place and position of them, beautiful advantage of this glass. Many advantages have this All in One Glass. You read above matter don’t laugh because everything is possible with science and technology.

Above All in One Glass is my own taught, because design of Google glass is possible, and then All in One Glass is also possible near future. One of the famous companies takes this project and designs these glass (my desire and strong belief) above taught is my own I think it is possible near future. (Above matter is applied copyright material all rights reserved by me (mvenkat K)