Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  Do you know your death date? Ready to know your death date

Everyone wants to know my death time/my death date, and what is the age at the time of my death? In computer generation we are living in very hurry. In ancient days people lived happily and healthily. Their lifespan was also increased.

  At present a question is arise in our minds what is my death time. In ancient days saints, yogi (yoga masters), know the people death time. If a person went and ask the Saint please told me my death time and what is my future. Then the saint scans the man’s body and told what happened in his future. How can the Saint tell future of the man? Here I told great thing in ancient days all saints were strictly followed some rules, those are they did not eat meat, lived in forests, regularly practice yoga, they spend most of their time in meditation. Automatically in meditation our Third Eye (Wisdom Eye/Knowledge Eye) activated and opened. The third eye is situated inner body at the middle of our Eye brows. Everyone has this Third Eye (but not activate condition). Saints see the man and opened his third Eye and passed some holy races from his third Eye on man’s body then he know all about him.

 LATEST DEATH TEST EXPIRMENT: Professor Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock scientists from Lancaster University invented DEATH DATE experiment. It is the method of analyzing endothelial re-activity with the help of laser races.
In this DEATH TEST applying a painless Laser beam on the skin through a device, the shape of the device is in wrist watch. The laser beam penetrate into the body and it is measuring the oscillations within the cells, the scientists can calculate the length of the body age time before death and also test for diseases cancer and other major harmful diseases. The Wrist Watch device encourage users to stay healthy, this test is not painful, a simple test. Endothelial cells are a key indicator of a man’s health, the scientists monitoring them they can identify those who are ageing more quickly than normal.

Some people was afraid of this test, a funny thing, if a person wants to know his death date and undergo this DEATH TEST, the result is he died next day, then think, what is his condition at the time,if we know our death date we purchase million dollars of life insurance polices on our lives,   so some are rejected and some people are welcome.

User friendly version of the system comes to all countries will  expected to be completed within the next 3 years.

         So ready to known your DEATH DATE