Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Google Pays 5000$ Why?

 Now we are in competition world. This competition is very high range in Internet also. Internet elephants are announced their rewards for security program. The name of this program is “Bug Bounty”.

  The search engine giant Google has decided to raise amount pays to whom reporting bugs by five-fold or up to 5,000 USD. Google has already paid Two million dollars in the way of rewards on its BUG BOUNTY PROGRAMME who reported real bugs in its Chrome browser and its products.

 We know Indians were the second place in award recipients list. Indians are found many bugs and reported to Google then the team of Google decided and research after that they give rewards.
Bug: bug is an error or defect or problem in hard ware/soft ware it causes a program to disturb functions in browsing time. Bugs can cause sudden crashed or unexpected errors in real time. Some of the bug defects can be used to undergo unauthorized access to systems.
Some days ago social networking Dracula Face book also paid over one million USD to bug reporting people. Then face book take action on it and restrain correct usage of face book without any error. In this way Microsoft has also conducted bug bounty program in June.
Google will issue higher rewards for bugs they believe present a powerful threat to user safety, and when the researcher provides authentic analysis of credulous and severity.

 Three years ago Google started its Chromium and Google Web Vulnerability Reward Program. At present Google fixed over 2,000 security bug reports.
It raised the reward for bugs in sensitive and universal services of its Gmail and other products.
 Vulnerability Reward program for Google owned web properties, running continuously since November-2010.,  YouTube. com,,
Qualifying vulnerabilities:

 Cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, authentication or authorization flaws, server side code execution bugs. These vulnerabilities are finding in any of the Google products then you will contact Google security team/ visited below Google link.

You want more on Google bug bounty program visited this Google link.