Sunday, August 18, 2013


    Take a new path the development in technology. Why always man’s mind thinking in this way? Due to heavy population needs, and competition among developed countries and developing countries in every field (War Weapons, Super Computers, Mobiles, PCs, laptops, Space, Science, each and every field) then every people, scientists and also Governments are thinking in many ways. So a new trend takes place to developing in technology, first man mind become sharp, how can it possible? Only one way to fulfill this, that is activated man’s Third eye. Yes if a man activated his third eye then he is become a famous personality in society as well as in world.

  Many benefits include activating our Third Eye; he is the master of all fields.
Place of the Third Eye: center point/ middle of the Eye brows.

   We have no power to see physically our third eye. Anyone impossible to see, there is no instruments to see Third Eye. See Only Yoga masters (who is attain supernatural powers), great saints, deep devotional persons can able to see their and people Third Eye.
How can used Third Eye to developing technology?

If a person activates his Third Eye, he attains some super natural powers. He understands and control on his emotions. He is solving problems his/other's in very happy manner and easily. Our minds are always in tension feel, but his mind is in cool condition. His mind fill with happy love, and peace, behavior become friendly towards everybody. (If our mind become peace and relax we can do everything nothing to impossible).
    Ancient days in India many saints activated their third eyes, they did and show many miracles and super natural powers. World known famous saint Sri VEERABRAHMANDRASWAMI, he wrote kalaganam (THE FUTURE), Sri SWAMI VIVAKANANDA,PRAMAHAMS YOGANANDA, Sri RAMAKRISHNA PRAMAHAMS, Sri RAMANUJACHARYA, Sri JAGADGURU SANKARACHARYA, Sri JESUS, Famous Astrologer NOSTRADAMOS   and so many saints activated their Third Eye, became Universal famous persons.

Here I give some names of present famous personalities in the world, LARRY PAGE, SERGEY BRIN, BILL GATES, STEVE JOBS, MARK ZUCKERBERG, DAVID CARP, and other tech inventers and scientists, Third Eye also in activated stage, because their mind is working like Third Eye it is very interesting news

    In the same at present we activated our Third Eye we know everything (Past, Present, and Future). Third Eye activated persons worked in every field like Science and Technology, Research and Development wings, Space departments, Medical field, and all other fields then get the best results in every field. That day there is no hunger, no poverty, no fear, no wars, we faced any problem/danger very bravely, and then we lived happily on the Earth. (This is my own taught)