Tuesday, August 6, 2013


  The news is face book announcing mobile game publishing. It is a new program, helps and gives boost to medium and small developers take their mobile games worldwide.

  Many people playing games on face book, some are shared very popular games to their timeline. The games system is steadily growing, then developers building high quality games for mobiles, desktop, and also android games people as well as children very much love and edict to play this games. Many companies develop and occupy market. In this way as the mobile apps ecosystem expands it is invented a valuable and big marketplace. This is challenge for mobile games. Face book has already been helping with apps discovery through products of advertisers as mobile apps install ads program. Any how many developers are developing many beautiful and suspense games. They have no platform to market their awesome mobile games. The facebook give a helping hand to them find a path to success and market their awesome games.

  At present mobile apps monthly users exceeds 8 million, more than 2.8 million people (including children) playing games on facebook , many people share games also. Facebook has capability to help games in its program find more valuable audience of the right users (right man in right place). This program divided strategy game lovers and casual game lovers. Face book already working with ten developers from worldwide and introducing their awesome mobile games to game lovers, those are 5th planet’s, Certain Affinity, Brain bow’s, Gameloft’s and so on.

  This program is very useful to small and medium awesome game developers. Face book give a good path to sell their games, and give good revenue sharing to developers. Today many future phones are coming in day by day people also buy the new phones.

   We have many tech people every day they develop games, but they have no idea to market their games, face book game publishing program is very good platform to sell their games and earn more revenue with facebook mobile games partnership. If anyone wants for applying this program you can visit and apply through this link.