Saturday, August 31, 2013

Google Making Smart Watch! The End of Android Phones

 Google's new product

Google Smart Watch
(images are created by me)

Yes it is correct right now we are in Smart phones Tsunami, in the market there are number of companies made Smart phones; lastly China companies also double –crossing the Smart phones of the famous companies. It is unhealthy competition in the market. Number of smart phone models coming day by day into the market around the world. Google see this situation and plans to making a Android Wrist Watch. I believed this news is real, in October 26, 2011 Google applied for a Patent to United States Patent department. Based on this news Right now Google is making a smart watch to its Android users.

Inventors of this Smart Watch: Richard Carl, Miller, James Brooks, Google has super technologists, the R & D section is very fast I think nearly ten years before around the world R&D centers.

Devices in the Smart watch: it can contain a wristband, base and a flip up portion. The base includes housing, a processor, wireless transceiver, and a tactile user interface.
I think in this wrist watch able to do some things like messaging  alerts ( all mails not only Gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail, facebook alerts)in this watch Google maps are inserted it gives directions to us, Locations, nearest famous hotels, hospitals, famous amusing centers and other. The main advantage of this wrist watch it is used as a camera, a memory card also include we heard songs and see down load movies. Amazing thing is includes in Smart Watch it is YouTube, today billions of YouTube users are see YouTube, so Google is definitely  inserted YouTube option, the Smart watch has internet browsing also, it is operated Global Position System( this is my own taught). Google’s field trip app gives real time information as you wish in the walking time Google can easily includes filed trip app in the Smart Watch.    
Now the Android Watch war is begin all over the world follow The Google, many famous companies eagerly awaited which type of products comes from Google, which technology used in its products. After releasing many companies followed and making same type of products. Google creates wonders no doubt not at all.
After releasing of this Android watch all Smart phones are disappear. Today youth follow the new trends very fast. Near future The Google Smart Watch Tsunami is definitely comes we are quenched in the Tsunami of the Google Smart Watch.

All tech people and youth ready to wear the Smart watch from Google.