Saturday, August 24, 2013

Be Alert -Why?

  What is the meaning of this word? Why we are being alert? Now in the world every people thinking how to earn money, some people thinking do jobs, business and other source. Some people thinking in different way how to earn money from online without investment, they searched in online many web sites.

   Here funny thing every people thinking how to earn money without pain to gain and less investment/no investment. In the world many people assume in this way. Early morning they opened internet searched for how to earn free money from online without investment and ---------.

   They have little knowledge on this topic. They see some web sites and feel proud himself/herself oh I am the great person; I invent a website to earn money (They don’t know  the website contain, all information is  bogus). They wanted entry fee, you click register button a massage opened you will have pay some fee. You will pay through credit/debit card then he entered his all information. This is one type of cheating.

Read Carefully. Right now Google is universal company everyone knows what Google, some web sites are used the word Google in their sites and attracted people for their sites. But innocent people don’t know Google polices Terms & Conditions. You see below a image I take it with screenshot.
In the image Google pays me $300 per hour and Google has blessed me with a work from home for $8700 per month. (The information show in the below image is fake) because in my real experience.

 The above image is a bogus and the matter is bogus, because Google not entertain these type of things. don't believe, any doubt you will contact Google.Inc  

   Some cheating websites took money from innocent persons. Right now Google Adsense is very famous in the Universe, this is amazing gift form Google to people.
If a person see the image then he thinks oh very easy way to earn money from online through Google. Then he clicked on it.

After clicking you see above result (see in above image)
   So friends be care don’t give your details (Pass word, Credit/Debit card numbers, and all your Personal information) to some cheating websites. Online money scams /cheatings are going on in internet.Don’t fall their traps. Beware and alert if you have any doubt then you consult internet security organizations.

  Don’t give your personal information and photos of you and your family.
Some days ago I saw the advertisement (You See in above images) I think that is fake, because I know thoroughly what is Google terms and condition. So I give this post.
Friends some Cheating People are used technology in wrong way so be alert once again I told don’t fall their traps and don’t give your personal information.

  Thank you