Sunday, December 16, 2012


In world people are divided into 2 types. First type is Believers and second type Non-Believers.
 BELIEVERS: - in this type the people are believes the life is given by God not only life but also all things in the universe. In their lives good or bad total happens is depended upon their past life. In the past life do wrong things that effected in the present life God gives punishment to us. If do good things in the past life God give s us good birth in a noble or famous family and put in the greatest position.
 NON –BELIEVERS: - these types of people are not believed on God. They believe nature is gives everything to us. They believe science and technology is the greatest and human is the greatest person. In the world only man creating everything, his brain is very powerful.
 See above video some people are walking on fire and fire flames. How can they walk? Really wonder they have lot of confidence God is within them. So after walk I am not found any injures their foot or body. I asked them how can walk on fire? They replied we have lot of hope GOD gives strength so no problem. I described below the power of devotion. In the devotional way acquired some powers and many wonder things are takes place.
 In the devotional way some powers are come. The first power of devotion is that it burns sins (violating of God’s will) and evils (wrong doings) of many births (past and present). The second power of devotion is that it restrains us from doing wrongs and sins (violating of God’s will) in the life. Because of in the real devotion cleans our mind and soul.  The third power is we are able to hear our inner voice. What is inner voice?  Inner voice is like some sound that is called GOD’s voice, some are believe that is our soul vibrating. In the deep meditation we heard clearly our inner voice sounded. It gives some instructions to us what is good or bad. Each and Every minute it is warn us.
  The fourth power is to see a blinking of light (full white color) in the middle of our eye brows. Yes this is real many people see this light, that is called our soul or GOD. Fifth power is we have created anything and appears anywhere, to see anything with our mind. See future of any one and know everything.  In the devotional way we have lot of confidence to face any problems in our life or other. We are free from sins and evils, God gives next birth a human birth in a noble family or we have no birth that means we have no rebirth. Our soul is merged with GOD. Everyone wants this, in any religion and our holy books are telling this truth. To walk on the devotional path is the only way to make our human life successful & wonderful.