Saturday, December 15, 2012


(example image  of 10G )

(Above image is created by me)
Number magic-1

What is number magic 2G, 3G, 4G-----------------next 10G,
these all Gs are used in Tele-Communications not 10G.

2G: - Second Generation of wireless mobile technology.
3G: - Third Generation of mobile telecommunication technology.
4G: - Fourth Generation of mobile communication (Wi-Max) technology.

10G: ------------------------------------- what is this?

10G this technology developed in my mind then I wrote in my blog. I explained what 10G technology is.

  In ancient days many saints used above all technologies, ability to used nature and they living in nature.

How can get these technologies they are?
Through yoga and self control, means strong ability to control on their mind. In the way they were talked any person in anywhere in the universe through sun races. That means if they want to talk any person then they send some signals through their mind and the signals traveled through sun races and reached to the person who want to talk the saint. They thoroughly practiced and used this sun race technology. They also talked with GOD directly.

  In the same way in our computer world near future 10G technology will be comes. No doubt. Above I show a picture. In 10g technology 2 micro chips and one spectacle are used. One micro chip is fixed at ear another is fixed shirt button under the neck and spectacle used is optional. Theses micro chips and spectacle are worked with phonetic language. If we want to cal a person then we speak that person’s name then automatically call will transfer to wanting person. Here no rings, directly a voices is hear like hello, hello, hello and his name.  He wants to talk then he also replies to speak with his mouth without pressed any switches. If he wants to see and talked to that person he wears the spectacle. These spectacles are designed latest technology and inserts micro chips. Our eyes see clearly 25 Centimeters objects as same as these spectacles are designed in that way. And also expand the distance. If he wants hear fm or songs or any other then he speaks that ward like which he wants, then automatically that micro chips are activated and he heard which he wants.

 Hear no carrying of cell phones or any other device. 10G technology is, useful to uneducated men. Mainly in India this is very useful.  

NOTE: - This is only my thought and feeling, please don’t think otherwise. If this is possible are not possible no problem but I think this is possible in near future. So every technology is obtained from nature. Nature is GOD’s gift to us.

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