Thursday, December 13, 2012


Breathing is bomb?

 Yes, really breathing is a bomb. In our daily life we take breaths automatically. Daily wake up and do daily works, in the work we feel some serious, funny, comedy, serious, tension, happy in these times we are taking automatically  high and low count of breaths. If we have a ability on our breathes why? Yes I tell the importance of breathing.

   For example in hurry and worry time our breathing count is in high level.  Example Take a sports person normally in his practice time or participation time his breathing count is very high level per a minute. At the time high breathing body is under pressure, every body parts and organs feel pressure, blood pressure count also very high. See after complete of sports he take rest for some time. After rest he becomes normal. Sometimes heart stroke is also come.  Recently in India in some states in police selections some people died of heavy breath count.

  Here logic is occurred take a tortoise its breath count is very low it takes nearly 4-5 breaths in a minute. Its life span is nearly 300-400 years. Why? It takes fewer breaths in a minute its life span is increased. As same as we take fewer breaths our life span is also increased. I tell another example if take a tire of vehicle at the manufacturing time its lifespan is fixed (expire date) we take the tire and used continuously per a day then its lifespan is decreased and spoil quickly, as same as our breath count is decreased life span is also increased.

  Here arise a doubt breathing is very important of our life but you tell breath count is decreased our life span is increased.  Our lung capacity is fixed. But we take heavy breaths all body parts become restless, heart also pumping blood rate is very high it affected on body organs, heart pumping is in high rate all body parts working rate is also in high rate. So body parts spoiled quickly then automatically our lifespan is decreased.

In yoga practiced and developed ability to control on breathing, they tell breathing techniques.  Many saints are having capacity to control breathing. They lived nearly 200-300 years like a tortoise. Breathing count is decreased food consumption is also decreased and developed natural strength to the body. The strength gives developing immunity of the body.

So  breathing is a enemy to us. please live in peaceful life and learn how to decreased breathing count and living like a tortoise.