Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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 At present scientists think how to fly without plains. This is a million dollar question. People believe it is not possible. But fast grown technology it is possible.  I read some books, in the ancient period mainly in Indian Vedic period Lord Indra, Ravanasura and some others used pushpaka vimanam. It was flying without oil; it had some wings and in the air it was flying automatically, but it operated by some magic powers (supernatural powers). 

 I read at my primary education time a lesson. In a jail father and son tried to fly to escape from jail. They collected wax and birds wings. And they wear and fly from the top of the jail, they were fly sometime in the sky lastly the wax melted with the sun races, and then they felled on the ground and died.

 And also I read some holy books some people fly in air, the book "autobiography of a yogi", a saint sit in air, his name “NAGENDRANATH BHADURI”  he is a levitating saint(to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity.  I show his photo at the top) and some other saints also sit and fly in air.

Now the idea is fulfill with jet-pack.  Our fast grown century scientists are developed JET PACKS, it is  developed with new technology. A man flies without flight with it. It is worn back side of a man; it is operating by jets of gases, sometimes liquid water.

 Mainly astronauts used it for extravehicular activities. Now it developed to use another purpose, and it is mainly used in military. In it a disadvantage is takes place that is its operating time is very low that is nearly 30 seconds, now scientists try to develop operating time, and only one person can fly with it.

 Wear jet-pack, it is thriller, we see some of the bond and batman movies they are fly without flight and stand villon paradise and other places. Anyhow in our fast grown technology everything is possible. We dream our scientists are developed JET PACKS to fly as same as flights. At that time(near future) airports are disappear.