Saturday, December 22, 2012


(image created by me)


 Every parent wanted their children become IT professional. Now every student want to become software professional in this way they studied engineering and soft ware courses. In their learning they are studied JAVA, ORACLE (db, warehouse, 10g and other) Linux and so many other courses. At the learning time they do some practicals also. But real time in their job they faced many problems.  Then mantel tension started.

  In the world now IT professionals are suffered from many health defects. In their work they take projects, here top level to bottom level employees are involved in a project. Like project director, architectures, manager, team leader and project application makers. Every person has lot of pressure who involved in the project. Because design of soft ware application is not a simple thing, for example take a bank project prepare different customer names, nominees , account states in update, ATM log in updates, every minute account updates, Mobil banking application updates, internet banking updates, credit card, debit, visa, master card updates, checks and many other applications are developed  here.

 Next, time is less to develop application, morning 8 to evening 10 they work hard but some technical problems are arising in their work. This is very critical to develop soft ware applications. Here the soft ware employees gone under pressure, mental tension and stress. Then health problems are beginning. In working time sit in a chair at in front of computer the climate is heavy radiation, they see always computer and thinking how to design the soft ware application their mind gone under high pressure then automatically Blood Pressure grown and in high range. This is effected on their health.

 Some of the diseases like eye problems, back pain, spinal card problems, brain problems, mental tension, fear, B.P, hands, finger problems, knee problems, some skin problems, kidney problems (I saw some died with kidney problems) fall of hair problem, skin effects with radiation and many problems are come to the soft ware employees. Their working hours are also heavy if task is not completed they are working 12 or 15 hours per a day. They have shift systems, because if they worked some company the client belongs to U.S the time is difference between two countries they worked in India with their clients time. So working hours is very different to them. They have no time to see their families matters. This effects on his mind very deeply. We read many articles about IT professionals. Many opportunities are in IT industries so there is no other way.  But it employees take some precautions to their daily life, their life become happily. They go to temples and some relax places like parks, beaches, some holy places and other places  in week ends with their families its give very peace to their mind.