Sunday, November 4, 2012


In my lost post I described history of yoga. Where the yoga postures drew. I told ancient people saw animals and nature, they drew the yoga postures from animals.

I give some yoga positions that positions are same as animals.All
 Yoga posture names are in Sanskrit.

SIMHASANA: - We see this yoga position then resembles a lion. Simhasana drew form lion.

MATSYASANA: - this posture is resembles a fish. Matsyasana drew form fish.

BHEKASANA: -   Bhaka means frog. This posture is reassembles a frog. The Bhekasana yoga position
 drew form frog.

GOMUKHASANA: - Go means cow mukha means face. This Gomukhasana drew from Cow.

MAYURSANA: - Mayur means peacock. The Mayursana yoga position drew from Peacock.

KURMASANA: - Kurma means tortoise. The kurmasana drew from Tortoise.

USTRASANA: - Ustra means camel. This Ustrasana drew from camel.

ADHOMUKHASANA: - Adhamukha means dog. This Adhomukhasana drew from dog