Thursday, November 29, 2012


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  Hacking is a famous word in the world. Now we are living in a password world, from wake up to sleep we used password. What is password? In our computer & internet culture people lives are connected with password. We are used many accounts and other. Every account has password, because we operate that internet accounts like email, ATM, Bank account, and all other accounts are opened only we give password.

  In this situation technology is grown very rapidly day to day new inventions, applications, products are come into force in the market, some people want use this. They became hackers. Mainly these hackers’ targeted Bank accounts, credit cards, ATM cards, email accounts, they hack some accounts and transferred money from one account to another. This is one example; I give some terrible examples of hacking.

  I saw in internet some country airlines software application was hacked, what is the situation? All flights are not fly, if in the fly they are failed and fall on the ground. Some country’s military softer ware is hacked, some country’s oil industries soft ware is hacked, you opened internet we see many examples.

  I read a news article hacking is business in some countries. Some of the technology people want earn easy money they begin hacking business, if you asked I want that person email id, password, then he hack that person’s total data in his account. This is small examples of hacking.

 Many big software companies are also taste the hacking from hackers. Some famous banks are suffered from hacking; some countries are faced lot of problems from hacking.
 Above situations are gives technology. Some people used technology in wrong way.

If a hacker hacked the satellites soft ware application what is the position of the satellites lunched country?

If hacking space shuttles, what is the position of astronauts?

If hacked a nuclear software?

If hacked government security data

If hacked a medical data of a super special hospital?

  Some people are hacked computers through virus and other programs.

  Please think what the position is. Now movies are helped they show how to hacked and how to stopped computers. Some persons see this type of movies and they practice hacking. Mainly internet give all data if a person want to build a gun he searched in internet and follow the instruction and built a gun. These all developments are giving technology.

  So friends please use technology in a right way, because we are living in world like brothers, sisters, and friends. If a person hack flight data that flight is fall in sea or other, in the flight that persons father, mother, brother, wife, son, and daughter or all are journey in the flight think what is the situation.

  I pray mainly technology persons please use technology in a right way, because I am a person suffered from hacking.

    I write this post because my account was hacked in a internet cafe, friends please carefully check if you are go to internet cafes, you see the back side of CPU if you found anything like pen drive, or other then you will compliant to police, this means you found anything that internet cafe is hacked.

 Read this article told your friends and others.

               Thank you