Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Now world is in computer and internet culture. Very fast grown up in technology globally. Here some are good and some or bad things come into force.Internet world connect people globally in internet many websites are provided email accounts and many social networking sites are come into force.These sites people used for chatting send emails, sharing their feelings,comments,their own feelings, many people commented on our great leaders, presidents, prime ministers,ministers,governors,they comment and give bad jokes on all people.This is very dangerous to our societies. A person opened his account many adult content images,videos,lot of adult content sites in internet teenagers attracted these adult content sites and spoiled their lives. Here we see some good things in this year many revolutions are come into force social networking websites are helped a lot to the revolution people. They are success in their revolution.

hear i show a sample video of how to cheat women in chatting.This is not a real video only a sample video.

In India in Andhrapradesh I read a news article a teenage girl contact a person in a social networking site, this contact gradually become love, after they chatting in that site, the man in chatting person put a fake image of him, really he is a physically handicapped person, he put a beautiful man image in his profile.  She attracted that picture and fall in love with him. After some days the love became very strong, one day he asked her I am in trouble my mother health is not well please give me some money because I am a poor man, she gave huge amount, next he asked my kidneys are spoiled give me some money for curing of my kidneys. She gave huge money. Lastly she knew he is a physically handicapped person, he trapped me then she gave a complaint to police.

Recently a cinema released in Andhrapradesh, in that picture show how to trap a lady in chatting and other things. See people used technology in wrong way it is caused many problems, mainly women in India faced lot of problems from technology.

In Andhrapradesh many engineering colleges develop bad culture (some are good) if you want to see a proof come and see what is the situation of the students in engineering colleges, all students having laptops, cell phones, some students are recorded  voices in cell phone and blackmailed , they also shoot bad videos of their friends and put in internet. See what the culture is.  Many students are spoiled their lives with technology.

See here social networking sites give good and bad to our society. This is a one example of social networking sites.

Many teenagers attracted to internet love they spoiled their lives, I saw many teenagers spend most of their time in internet this gives that teenagers are in trap/cheating. In their love they are neglected studies, career, their parent’s advice  and good friend’s advice  Lastly they are in depression become a mental persons.

So rapid changes are welcome in technology but its applications fall in danger, mainly parents are strictly give some instruction to their children, they observed their children behavior.

        So please use technology in a good manner.