Saturday, November 10, 2012


In the world after man living in society.  Man faced many problems like

 family, health, money, and so on.  In the society some people came and help

 to suffering people, unhealthy people, poor people and who wants help. 

Many saints, social workers, voluntary organizations come and give helping hands to suffering people.

 Some  saints and social workers to give  their total  life without marriage like MOTHER TERESA and other people in other countries many saints and social workers are came and helping the suffering people through service and devotion.

see above images why they dedicated their lives to the poor.  Who is inspired them.
  we see today all people woke up and do their works (jobs) eating and sleeping they thinking only  this is the life many people thinking this type.  

  But some people thinking in different way what is life what is the mystery of life is?Who am I? These people see poor or suffering people their minds become very kind.

They wanted to give helping hand to those people. Who is
 inspiring them? We don’t know. Only GOD is inspiring them.

At present we see many people give their earnings (not in India)
to helping the poor and suffer.  Like Bill Gates he gives lot of 
money in his earnings to poor countries,Jacky Chan also give his 
earnings to charity. Who is inspiring them? Only GOD IS INSPIRED THEM.

We see 10 days ago sandy hurricane hit UNITED STATES any one can 
stop the hurricane, last year Japan hit by Tsunami anybody can 
stop that Tsunami. We have living very developed technology, we 
have many scientists, many satellites but why we are not stopping 

GOD’S/NATURE’S angry.  Please thinking this,

So please give helping hands to needy people.