Friday, November 16, 2012


Devotion is a way to people who wants to reach to God (Super soul). People on the earth belong to different religions. All religions are to pray God for their wanting and ambitions.
In the devotion way people are 2 types one is they pray God only for their wanting. For example they pray  GOD oh God give me money heavily, please blessed me become very richest man in the world, give jobs to my sun/daughter, give good health to my family, please arranged my sun/daughter very good bride/bridegrooms ,blessed me I will become prime minister/chief minister/president/governor.  These people always pray GOD very selfishness. These people do not want to other happiness.
Second type of people in devotion are always pray GOD oh GOD give good health who living on the earth ,give to wealth to all people, blessed to all people living very happily, save earth from disasters, give health and wealth to all people. These of people are called saints or sages or servants of God.
 We have many saints/sages, they have good qualities. They have some extraordinary qualities compare than common man
   Those are: -      STRONG DEVOTION
These qualities are coming from their birth. God send these people to serve poor and needy people and give messages from him. They have no other thinking; always connect their soul with GOD. God give full energy to them to serve to poor/needy people. They give speeches to people what are wrong doings and right doings. In this way sometimes GOD give super natural powers also. We see some saints do miracles in the past and present.
They established some charities to serve the people; those charities give very good service to needy and poor people.  They give corporate hospital facilities, corporate education, scholarships, build houses and give all services to poor people.  Service to poor people is one way to reach GOD.
Some saints are traveled in the world they give GOD messages to people. They told who is GOD why we are pray GOD, why we are saying always thanks to GOD.
Devotion is the best way to reach GOD. Bhagavad-Gita and Bible tell this truth. Many people traveled in this way and success in their way. Devotion way change our lives, we faced all problems very bravely because we believe d GOD is our backbone, he give strength to face any problem. This taught comes in our mind we gain lot of strength then we ready to face any problem.

Satya Sai Baba

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa


Florence Nigangel

Fr. Vincent Ferrer


                                              SEE GOOD,DO GOOD, AND BE GOOD