Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 In the world many religious people are living. They have many believes and customs. India has many temples and holy places. In the holy temples some are having secrets and some wonder things, not only India but also world. Temples have many wonders and amazing things.

  In the same way in India in Kerala state a temple has a secret. I visited that holy and secret temple in Kerala. The temple in the Kerala state in Chengannur, called Chengannur Bhagavati temple and also called Sri Mahadavara temple. Here we see some wonder two gods in one temple. The temple has 4 ways in 4 sides of the temple. One side Mother God Sri Bhagavati Amma (Paravati davi) back side of the Amma Sri Mahadavara temple is constructed.
The secret

 In the Chengannur Bhagavati Amma temple mother god Parvati Davi shows menses like a woman. Yes this is wonder. In a year 3 or 4 times this things takes place. We see a proof of this. The sari (cloth) contains blood spots like menstrual blood. This is very amazing thing and wonder thing. Many pilgrims come and see this wonder around the world. This temple is very famous in the world and Kerala.

 The structure of the temple is very wonderful. Total structure is in ancient Kerala style. You see above video what the construction of the temple and orctechture is. The temple is in 4 hectares. Construction of the temple is on ground level with stone that is black stone half of the temple in stone and another half of the temple constructed with wood. What a structure of the temple is very beautiful. The temple contains Lord Ganash, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Subhramanya temples, 2 elephants also do duty in the temple this is another amazing thing.

 So we don’t know the power of devotion. The devotional way is very great, many saints follow this way and success in their lives. So please go and see the Chengannur Bhagavati Amma temple.