Wednesday, January 2, 2013


(image created by me)

 We heard a world MONEY TREE. We know money is not grown on trees, suppose our daily expenditure is very high our family members like father/mother/brothers told stop expenditure heavily, money is not grown on trees. But this world is real in Google Ad sense. This is a money spinner.

In the world every people wants how to earn money through online or internet without pains. I am also thinking in this way and also how to earn money used with technology, always thinking in this way. One day I saw a news article that is about Google A sense. First i don’t believe this because I searched in internet I saw many sites there is no use. I am thinking in this way about Google Ad sense. But we are humans; my brain is not accepted to leave that issue. I searched in internet I saw   many topics about Google Ad sense. Finally I conformed this is real site.

  The Google Ad sense is a real site, in my experience I conformed this. Here we know some of the important things. First Google is a universal company, it’s amazing products are using universally. So Google maintain some universal standards.

What are the requirements of for applying of Google Adsense
 (1) To apply for adsense is we have a website/blog/hubpage /YouTube account.
(2) our website/blog/hubpage  age is 6 months because Google polices and conditions are different in India web site age is 6 months old.


In our website have unique content,  copy content/scrap content is not accepted, Adult content is not accepted. Others blog content/web site content is not accepted.
First at the applied time you thoroughly read Google Adsense polices and conditions and you understand that after  you will apply for Google Adsense.
I told you in internet I searched number of sites for online money but no use. Here I told in Adsense no investments, everything is free.

Google Ad sense is a money tree  in my experience this is real.