Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 See this man he performed his super natural power. How can he acquire this super natural power?  In ancient India many saints had this power. They have many super natural powers. This is one of the powers of his video "Art of Levitation”. The man started recently yoga practise and Process; participants are witnessing deep meditative states and mighty yogic powers like levitation and many other powers are come. This is universal truth

 "The art of levitation now continued in INDIA” that power is called super natural power. Many scholars engaged in oriental studies also mention the phenomenon of flying SAINTS. In Ongole Akilandhra saint meeting was conducted one of the boy performed his power. In the ancient period many Indian and Tibetan saints flying in air. Sri Mahaavatar Babja and Tharanath and many saints fly in air he travelled in air with their super natural powers. Alexandra David-Neel, a British explorer, one day witnessed the flight of a Buddhist saint. The monk flew a few dozen meters over the alpine plateau Caning Tang. These are some examples of supernatural powers.

How can they acquire these powers? They are practice yoga regularly. In their practice they are come under observation of Masters (guru). They take less food for their living. They take mostly raw foods, milk, vegetables, nuts, fruits and other raw foods. This food gives more strength and control, total body in cool position. They are not emotional, their B.P is under control.
In yoga practice many advantages are come into our body. We see natural powers, unknown objects, powers, souls, ghosts and many other things. And also come some powers that is called siddas this is a Sanskrit word (ANIMA SIDDI, GARIMA SIDDI, MAHAMA SIDDI, LAGIMA SIDDI, ESITVA, VASITVA, PRKAMYA SIDDI )  these super natural powers are come to a yogi.

 These powers are not come over a night practiced many years, but in some persons come only one year or two years, that is depended on our practice and our behavior  Yoga give many useful things to our body and mind, deceases are controlled. We see many evidences to above. In my next post I show a man floating on water and a swami in fire pit.