Monday, January 7, 2013


Internet Tsunami Google started in 1996 named as Back-rub search engine, God gives to the universe two gifts are LARRY PAGE AND SERGE BRIN if these two persons are not born on earth today Internet is not running. These two persons are the most valuable gifts to the earth.

See teenage boys changed the universe. They create and develop the Google search engine; Google is not only search engine but also heart of the Internet. If there is no Google there is no Internet. Today in the world Google is the heart of the net genes.
Our Google give many unique products to the universe, today everywhere Google products are using. In the space also Google products are using.
Unique Products of Google

Gmail:- billions of people used Gmail, this is very popular mail in the internet, nearly 25 MB files are send in this mail and also many futures are has this Gmail.

Google plus (+):- this is a wonder gift from Google to internet people. In this Google Plus we connected many people in the world; there is no limit to connect to the people in the world. We connected any place people and share our thinking’s and other.
Google Community: - another unique and new product from our Google.

Google Earth: - amazing one and only unique product from Google to the world. In Google earth we see everywhere in the world. Google Maps is also a unique product. Google earth is very useful to many people in the world.

Google Chrome: A very fast internet browser in internet. I saw many villages in the India using Google chrome.

Google Cached: - in internet billions of web pages. If we want see any web site then we typed in Google search immediately that web page is appeared. See the fastness of Google search engine and Google Cached.

Google Talk: - the fast Chatting product of our Google.

Google Alerts: - if we signed in Google Alerts we know updates of the world every second. We sit in front of computer we know everything in the world with Google Alerts.

Google Play Store: - billions of apps download from Google play store. These apps are very useful. Many video Games are in Google play store this games are very attract to kids.

Google Adsense: - amazing and wonderful free gift to the people. We get maximum revenue from Google Adsense.

Google Drive: - in Google Drive we get 5 GB web space is free and Google docs is also wonder gift form Google.

In the future in internet every people used Google products and Google give more and more products to internet world.