Friday, October 26, 2012


On the earth God/nature give many comfortable things to live human.  Many people believe God gives these all to man, but scientists believe nature is give these all to man.  Any how God/nature gives to us a valuable or golden gift to us that is “TIME”.  Time is most valuable thing to all. Some of the important persons give preference to their time.
The first thing to think is that God/nature treats every thing equally.  God/Nature has not made anyone rich/poor.  To each and every one and who   living on the earth god/nature gives to them freely for all. Nature has sent her offspring armed with two important things. The first is TIME and second is Power of labor, but we cannot have the benefit out of it and run in shortage.  God sent human beings on this Earth, but he didn't bestow any particular materialistic things.  Whatever He has given to man is so much valuable that all the worldly things could be obtained through this, besides intellect, life and body.  God has given man the most invaluable gift.  I.e. TIME   it is said that man has got counted breaths and breaths continuously go on.  One breath lessens one unit of TIME. In other words, we can deem this as time.  Direct form of life is beyond human grip but its expression can surely be felt.
  Subtle existence of life is manifested in the form of time.  Our achievements depend upon as how and for what, we utilize time.  Every unit of invaluable life diminishes at its own pace. If water pot leaks drop by drop, it will go empty after some time. As the same as rolling day to day, time and human life is also decreasing.  When the consequences of time’s use and wastage are comparatively appraised, then it appears as how much difference is there between readiness and expectation one that understands the significance and aspect of time and becomes ready with total awareness of its use has got life, otherwise indifferent people get loss only. Time is invaluable.  One who wastes time recklessly, wastes life in vain.

Do not  waste God/Nature give the most valuable gift to us (TIME)