Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In the 21th century rapid changes are occurred mainly from 2000 this is speed century. After invention of computers & internet sudden changes are coming in the world.
Technology improved day by day very rapidly it give boost to our lives.  It is excellent but in this we found some bad results also.
 Many children spend their time at video games they bluff their parents.  We heard news, one parent ordered her son do not play video games on computer.  Then the child become very angry and killed his mother.  Read the news I felt very unhappy what technology gives to us.
 Many children play video games in computer they waste their golden time and childhood.   Continues playing is effected their eyes.  If a child plays video game 4 or 5 hours or more his /her eye sight falls in to danger. Children lost memory, knowledge, eye sight, and also valuable time. Some children follow their parent’s advices. Some are not following.  A parent asked a internet export adult filters because they went to office then their children opened and see all sites (Adult contents or other porn sites).  So please observe your children. 
Parents observed their children if they see Internet and play video games strictly worn them.  So don’t spoil your children to give computers/lap-taps.