Monday, October 15, 2012



  We congratulate Noble Prize winners in medicine Mr. Shaina yamanaka,   John Gordon.

The two doctors were did research work on Stem Cell technology.  They invented in our body any fresh cell we added jeans to that cell to produce Stem cells this is the invented by the two doctors.

·         WHAT IS STEM CELL:  In human and all animals every organ cells are formed with stem cells.  In the body stem cells having a capacity to become any organ cells.
Stem cell history: - In ancient India in Mahabharata Gandhari gave birth to kauravas with stem cell technology.  A Saint named Durvasa he divided Gandhari’s   Embryo into hundred parts and kept in pots with ghee.  In hundred parts stem cells activated other cells and formed a human body.  After 2 years Kauvaravas were born with stem cell technology.  So in ancient India stem cell technology was done.  In ancient India people worked on not only stem cells but also surgeries.  A famous Ayurveda doctor named Susrutha he did cataract surgeries.  Charaka he is also a famous Ayurveda doctor he worked on leappercy (KUSTU).  To day all world faced a problem with AIDS in ancient India Charaka cured this AIDS.
    He suggested some herbals to cure AIDS. He gave a name to AIDS that is ATIMIDUNA (over sex).  Now we are not found that herbals.
STEM CELLS PREFERENCE: - In future cure all diseases with Stem Cell technology. We produce heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes and all other parts with stem cells.  Near future all field of medicine ruled by Stem Cells.
Achievements: An Indian doctor achieved to produce eye nerves with stem cells.
  In Australia   some scientists produced heart with stem cells.
   In Britten research is going on to cure paralysis with stem cells.
 In Singapore a person heart was spoiled with smoking then                         Singapore scientists achieved to cure his heart with stem cells.
  Bone marrow transplantation is done easily with stem cell technology.
Research is going CANCER, DIABETES, PARALYSIS, PARKINSON and other many diseases to cure with stem cells.
We wish they get successes in their experiments on stem cell technology.  
 Today Science and Technology do any and every thing.