Sunday, October 21, 2012


 INDIA has lot of religions and customs.  Mainly in Hindus celebrate many festivals.  Festivals have many programs like puja (devotional) many arts like classical dances.
Now this is the festivals period in India manly south Indian people celebrate many festivals DHASARA, DEEPAVALI, SANKRANTI and more.  Dhasara it is ten days festival all schools gave holidays. Children go to their grandfather/grandmother villages and celebrate Dhasara very happy.  During this festivals some natural science is include.

In the video women and girl formed a round and doing an art named KOLOTAM it is very popular art in South India.
Women are take small sticks and touching together in the touching time a sweet sound THA is coming from the sticks. People enjoy themselves to seeing this event.

KOLATAM is good exercise to body.  At the performing” KOLATAM” they are doing very quick and faster movements.  It gives good exercise in that time some enzymes are delivered from glands it helps body fitness some glands like frankeyasis gland, pituitary gland and some glands delivered enzymes this is help maintain body balance.

Kola tam helps reduce cholesterol in the body. For women it is very good exercise.  In it no risks no gym exercise some body movements of hands and legs.

KOLATAM art include some natural science it will helps breathing control all body position are fit with out gym.  It developing concentration  increasing grasping power, and  weight loss treatment