Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Worst Social Networking Site

 The worst social networking site is the face book because this site started only sharing images but day by day it is increased. Now billions of videos images and much other content are uploaded second by second.

In the face book the worst future is you send a request to your friend then the face book blocked your sending request for 30 days and more. Yes all are tell this is the worst future of the face book. Some are told why face book blocked sending request? They told face book is out of control and has not sufficient servers and few staff. So they do not control the uploading. Then they do automatically block users to send request then automatically traffic is decreased. So this is the main cause to black a user. Next we see many adult content images, morphing images, lot of nude images of ladies uploaded day by day. Recently in the Indian parliament one member raised a question face book encourage to uploaded nude images and other anti social activities then the minister said this is real but we have not sufficient cyber laws so we are not controlled. See what a situation.

 Now a day’s in the face book some people do hitch prostitution I read this article also. So please think technology is increased then simultaneously bad result also followed the good results. In face book we see many people comment our great leaders, movie stars, social workers, big business men. People are addicted the face book mainly college students, children and all age group people. They are woke up from morning immediately opened face book  see their updates , give comments , likes, and post their thinking’s after that they go their daily works. See what a foolish thing is, they like face book than their families.  A survey says many people waste their valuable time in internet and face book. They loss valuable time and working hours then this affected on their earnings.

 So please don’t spend more time in face book. Don’t like and post any anti social things. I give advice to parents you see your children what are they doing in internet, if they opened face book please warned them.
         Above thing is my own opinion so doesn't think otherwise.

                                                                             Thank you