Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Google wants to buy face book?

   In internet  some of the news are very interesting  in this way we read Face Book will ended in May -2013 in WEEKLY WORLD NEWS in internet , and I read in a news article Google + Face Book announced a science award, this award money is higher than Nobel prize. This award gives in the field of science. Anyone researched to increase human life span that will be success (compulsory that experiment gives result to increased human life span then Google and Face Book gives 15 crore rupees to that person. This amount is higher than Nobel Prize) this is the very hot topic in the world.

  Some are thinking this will goes to Google buy Face book. And in weekly world news published in October -2012 Face Book will ended in may 2013  in that article Mark Zuckerberg told Face book has out of control

   This is real because every second by second uploading is increase many videos and images are uploading every second by second  in every country  this is caused to maintain very stress and costly. And recently face book announced our users are reached 1 billion this is very great successes but in the same time very stress full also. I saw in the face book many adult content images and videos also uploaded this is one bad thing in face book. In some countries people also want to ban this social networking sites this sites caused some bad impression on people.

But in some cases social networking sites are very useful how recently in Hyderabad bomb blast incident every people in face book are share their courage and hopeful messages and also some are posted any blood donors please give suffering people in Hyderabad bomb blast. This is very helpful many young men are come and give blood donation to the needy people in Hyderabad bomb blast. See hear some good and bad impressions.

But 1 billion users are in face book to maintain these users to require many servers and offices are wanting in every country. Face book users are increased day by day so they maintain this situation very stress and costly.
But Google is different than other sites because our Google is search engine not social networking site now Google products are using universally. Day by day Google become Internet Line and king of Internet. So I think only Google has capacity to maintain Face book 

             NOTE: Above matter is only my thought not real